A must read

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Re: A must read

Postby duncanhinescakes » Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:25 pm

I went to check this book out at the local library and there is a hold on it for at least 4 months, which means there are other people waiting for it! Is this book really all that and a bag of chips?
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Re: A must read

Postby Sact00 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:05 pm

You better buy it then!
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Re: A must read

Postby craycraycris » Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:16 pm

Hmmmm, sounds like a good read if there is a waitlist to read it. Im going to try and download it on my ipad.
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Re: A must read

Postby ActIII » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:53 pm

I wouldnt mind catching up on that because I have a child in Junior high and all my advice is so outdated
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