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Re: Getting jumped

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:43 pm
DoraLynn wrote :
> Ive never been in a fight, but I guess its pretty scarry. I remember being
> asked once, "If you were about to get in a fight, would you rather
> fight someone who KNEW HOW to fight, or who had never been in a fight
> before?" I thought long and hard, and being that I had never been in
> one, I decided I would rather fight someone who knew how to fight. Why you
> ask? Cause they will be quick, give you a few combos, but someone who has
> never fought before, will be scared, have adrenaline running through them,
> and will keep going until they knew there was no get back. Just my opinion.

If you have never fought and they have never fought then you are on a level playing field which I think is the better choice. I would never want to set myself up for absolute defeat.