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Watch: NY Jets Bret Lockett Talks Bullying, Gay NFL Players and Homophobia
Source: Reel Gay TV
April 22, 2013

Reel Gay TV caught up with NFL football player and social activist Bret Lockett at the AIDS Project Los Angeles 29th annual Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill fundraiser. Lockett opened up about his own experiences with being bullied, expresses support for any gay NFL players considering coming out, and breaks down what fears homophobic players have.

Opening - Partnership with BullyVille to address bullying, which Lockett says touches the lives of youths and adults.

:15 - Suicide of 8th grader Angel Green touched Lockett's heart

:36 - Lockett for all equality, No8 campaign and PETA, wanting to help out for the better.

1:10 - Lockett wanted to join BullyVille campaign because he was bullied as a teenager and adults in the work field. "At UCLA where I played, there was some hazing that went on."

1:50 - Lockett discusses rumors of several NFL players who could come out as gay. He says, "I think it's interesting and I think it's going to happen sometime soon now. It will definitely stir up a crazy controversy among the media and everybody else, but I don't have a problem with it...I don't have a problem playing with anyone who would be gay. At the end of the day, as long as they're a great football player, that's all that matters."

2:30 - About NFL players who may have a problem playing with someone gay: "Get out of their box. To open their horizon because most of the time, their fear, their homophobia is that 'Oh this guy wants to touch me or do things to me...'"

Mike Skiff - reporting; Dorjan Williams - camera for Reel Gay TV

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