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Watch: Parents Say Bullies Drove Their 11-Year-Old Daughter To Suicide
Source: The Inquisitr
February 25, 2013

Hailey, who wore glasses and had been diagnosed with ADHD, was singled out by other students who allegedly had been tormenting her for over a year. As reported by 10TV.com, Hailey recently expressed her feelings through artwork. On the picture she had written “Stop Bullying, Free Zone.” Hailey’s mother discuss her daughters struggle:

“She would cry every day coming home from the bus stop, every day she was crying, she didn’t want to get on the bus.

“This is not a joke. If these kids think it’s OK to do this to other kids because it’s funny to them, it’s not funny when you’re hurting another family.”

On Sunday morning, Hailey’s mother noticed that her daughter’s light was on and the door was closed. She opened the door and found her 11-year-old daughter’s lifeless body draped across her bed. It was too late.

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