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Watch: Hero Of Hate Anti-Bullying Video
Source: YouTube
December 26, 2012

Hero of Hate is a video to help stop bullying. It's to show people the reality of the causes and effects of getting picked on. In this video, an innocent kid had become a victim of this large and growing problem in the world. People can only take so much before they collapse. Linden Urbano was asked to direct an anti-bullying video from the Student Council of the Kankakee Valley High School during the month of September of 2012. Linden jumped on the opportunity knowing that he would be able to show off his passion for directing and cinematography to the whole high school and other schools to come. He put forth full devotion to make the dead line of December 3, 2012. He made his ten page script to follow necessary guidelines for making the video. He managed dates, proposed meetings, and compromised. Linden Urbano, "I couldn't have done it without the help of my buddy Mitch Chorzempa. I've learned that in order to be successful you have to have cooperation, organization, positivity, challenges, and God. I prayed for all to go well. God has given me what I wanted, now that I've given him what he wanted."
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