Joyce Gomes
Bullying Survivor
Female | Randolph, MA   United States
Ive been bullied most of my life
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: cveva1
3/23/17 5:10 PM
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Let me start thanking God for not having the internet in the 90's when I was being brought up here, because I have bullied all my life from Elementary school to all the way to High School. I came to the US when I was young, and lets say when I first time I started elementary school that is when the bullying started. When I first got to school I didn't fit in, according to the kids in that school I just didn't fit in. I didn't know how to speak english, my clothes weren't the right clothes, my hair wasn't braided the right way every morning. Right in a young age I was called ugly, I was called stupid and other not so nice names, when Elementary school finished and I was about to start Middle school I thought new school new kids I thought that things would get better. Boy was I wrong, Middle school was the worst when it came to bullying! I remember wanting to try to fit in all the time, I would be nice and polite all the time, but that never helped. I was still made fun of and called ugly and all types of names. Those were the 3 longest years of my life, I used to act like it didn't affect me but it did, I used to go home and cry my eyes out.... I didn't understand why these kids where mean to me all the time, and whatever I did they would continue to bully me.... then after middle school was High School, I thought here you have kids that are more mature and my sophomore year my family and I moved to a different town. So I thought finally there goes my break to think that the bullying would stop but once again it never did.

Things got so bad that I wanted to kill myself at one point, until this day I still think about everything that I went through growing up, even though that was long ago it still to this day affects me...

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