Verne Troyer
Bullying Survivor
Male | Sturgis, MI   United States
Verne Troyer - Opens up about being called the "M-Word".
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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Posted By: VerneTroyer
12/13/16 10:29 AM
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Verne Troyer doesn’t back down to bullies.

In an exclusive video from his appearance on Oprah‘s Where Are They Now?, the actor opens up about being bullied as a child for being a little person.

“There was one incident where there was a kid [who] called me the M-word,” Troyer, 47, says in the clip. “That’s just derogatory slang – the proper thing to say is either little person or dwarf.”

“So I basically jumped up, punched him in the nose and his nose started bleeding all over the place,” the actor adds before revealing that he was sent to the principal’s office and suspended from school for a week.

But although it got him into trouble, Troyer adds that the bully learned his lesson and “never called me that again.”

The actor, who is best known for playing “Mini Me” in the Austin Powers series, also recalls how he got his big break in an unconventional way. “I got a call from somebody who used to be the president of Little Persons of America,” Troyer says. “She got called from some producers who wanted someone of a certain size in the John Hughes film Baby’s Day Out.

“So that was my big break, as the stunt double of a nine-month-old,” the actor adds with a laugh.

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