Kristen Johnston
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Kristen Johnston - The Endless Follies and Tiny Triumphs of a Giant Disaster
Bullying Type: Emotional
Twitter @kjothesmartass

Posted By: KristenJohnston
9/13/16 9:37 AM
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Actress Kristen Johnston has been dealing with online bullying, stalking and harassment for years. This has all been done by the hands of a vindictive woman named Vinnie Spina. Ms. Spina was an attorney who was disbarred and now spends every waking hour of her day devoted to the relentless harassment of Kristen Johnston. What Vinnie Spina still hasn't realized is that Kristen Johnston has been to hell and back, more than once, and she has something Vinnie will never have, GUTS! Kristen had the GUTS to try out for one audition after another, ultimately landing awesome roles in film and television. She had the GUTS to author an autobiography and had the GUTS to publically expose and beat her addictions.

And that's how you can defeat anyone who is bullying you. By having the GUTS to stand up for yourself and fight back. Kristen fights back by being a beautiful person inside and out, and that drives people like Vinnie Spina insane, because she is neither.

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Posted By: trueguts | 9/13/16 10:06 AM
I am so proud of you Kristen. Women like Vinnie hate you because they want to be you. #guts
Posted By: welove | 9/13/16 11:07 AM
Ivana Humpalot #thespywhoshaggedme
Posted By: nogutsnoglory | 9/13/16 2:50 PM
Every celebrity has at least 1 stalker they deal with. Kristen has done it with style and grace. The bullying she deals with has nothing to do with her. It's because Mrs. Spina has issues of her own that she needs to deal with. Prayers will be made with the hopeful optimism Mrs. Spina will rise above the hate. Kristen has a heart made of gold and will forgive any wrongdoings.
Posted By: YoMamsDaBomb | 9/17/16 4:48 PM
This woman Vinnie Spina has harassed me and my family for years! She takes out her bankruptcy and disbarment on innocent people of twitter. We all can't wait for this round short awkward troll to go to jail! #harderdaddy
Posted By: BozoBUser Verified | 9/17/16 5:35 PM
I have watched first hand how Kristen was stalked by this pension thief. Vinnie is nothing but a ditch pig who's sole purpose is to harass people online. Kudos for putting her on blast and kudos to Kristen for being such an inspiration.
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Name: Kristen Johnston
Age: 54
Twitter: Twitter @kjothesmartass
Country: United States
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gender: Female
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Profession: Other
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