Ned Alpheron
Bullying Survivor
Male | Ore City, TX   United States
This is my cyberbully story.
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Ialmostkms
8/24/16 7:53 AM
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Okay everyone. I'm being serious here when I say this. A famous youtuber named LeafyIsQueer called me names and told me to kill myself. I didn't know how to react at first but then i realized that telling my story will help me feel better. So. *deep breaths*, here it goes. I went into the comment section of one of his videos (My youtube account name was "I'mAnAutisticNerd") and then commented that his video was horrible and mean because he was bullying a child for expressing his feelings. THen his fans started cussing at me and told me to slit my wrist. So since I was crying at this point, I thought I should of taken their advice. I took my father's knife and placed 7 well placed cuts into my wrist. It was bleeding a lot, and my keyboard was drowning in it. Then came leafy. He threw so many hurtful words and even told me to simply kill myself. I tried verbally fighting back but all odds were against me. I couldn't take it anymore. THen one day someone leaked my email, and people spammed my email with hate. I was getting tired of it. And I couldn't turn off the computer because it's my life, My only friends were on a minecraft server called "Autcraft", but then my emails start getting flooded by leefy's fans. I was getting mad. All their insults and rudeness clicked to me. And I placed a literal dead line. On that day, I took rope and almost hung myself. But then I realized that all i needed to do was release all this emotion. The only way was to tell my survivor story. Thank you all in advance, and I hope I live another day.

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