Richard Delgado
Bullying Survivor
Male | Avondale, AZ   United States
Just want the ladies of Avondale to know theres a crappy west valley male!
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: xwifeysoonUser Verified
4/16/15 5:05 PM
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First of 20 years of lies cheating and being abused! stayed sense we had small kids I was young and dumb! started dating him a girl and left his ass as a woman! Yes I left thank god I got the courage to do so. He completly turned his back on his children who are older teens treats woman he dates like a piece of crap and brags about it! E.B. is one of the one he uses the most! He tells them hes single in a sense he is but we are still married. He doesnt want to split half of or things we got throughout our marriage of 20+ years. So its whatever! money isnt everything I left you with no money no job! and look at me now! ha ha loser! best thing I ever did was leave you! Yes many calls from you crying to come back are you freaken kidding me go back to you! Your a Liar and a snake and I feel bad for all the other woman that will fall into your trap of b*llshit.

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Name: Richard Delgado
Age: N/A
Country: United States
Location: Avondale, AZ
Gender: Male
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Profession: Other
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