ian Joudrey
Bullying Survivor
Male | Toronto, ON   Canada
Chronic Cheater
Bullying Type: Emotional
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4/15/15 6:32 PM
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This is an email I recieved lately from a random girl I did not know about (Although I had my suspicions):

" I'm not sure if u know who I am but I'm Ian's ex. I think you deserve to know that we were together while you were with him as well and I'm not messaging you to upset you I just think you deserve to know. He completely cut me off and stopped talking to me randomly (in the middle of January) and I have since then met someone new and have moved on. I just want to get any confirmation on the subject in order to move on and get complete closure. If you are not comfortable talking about it I understand. Please hit him for me if possible."

It took him 2 days to move on and become public with another after I broke up with him.
That made me believe that he was cheating on me with more than one girl while we were dating.

Ian Joudrey is a chronic cheater who will hurt you emotionally. Do NOT trust him.

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