maddie w
Bullying Survivor
Female | Sayville, NY   United States
Always Be You No Matter What Others Tell You
Bullying Type: Emotional
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4/11/15 7:59 PM
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About a year ago, I started ballroom. All the girls in my school don't do ballroom dance, they do jazz, ballet, tap, etc. And when people at my school (aside from my friends) found out, they didn't take it well. When people found out I ballroom dance, I was told many things. I was told that only pathetic people ballroom dance and that it is gay. And how it's not a hobby. Being called a moron for ballroom dancing was something that I sorta take at heart (at first) Also being told that I'm not gonna get anywhere with ballroom dancing and if I ever appear on DWTS, I won't be a pro or be a member of the troupe, I'd be an annoying hostess that doesn't shut up like Erin Andrews (in which she's not). As far as relationship-dating goes, I've been told that I won't get a boyfriend for ballroom dancing or that no guy will like someone that ballroom dancing. When bullies told me that, I didn't listen to them. I knew they were wrong. They were wrong because those people don't do anything productive. All they do is torment other people because they don't do something that makes them happy. Recently had my first ballroom competition, I won 1st place in 9 different categories. Now when I told people, they instantly were pissed and jealous. This showed that they regret what they said.

Main message is no matter what you do, never let a group of people or someone destroy you and your confidence. Having someone destroy who you are and your confidence isn't a great feeling. It makes you actually believe what they're saying despite the fact you're not. And I always tell myself that faith and love is what will help you when you're in a tough situation.

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