Chelsea Rhiannon Johnson
Bullying Survivor
Female | Largo, FL   United States
My Stalker (Chelsea Rhiannon Johnson)
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: fightagainststalkingUser Verified
4/21/15 7:28 AM
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I am deciding to set the record straight because apparently the people directly involved by including my name have no idea what Chelsea has done or is doing. I decided to write three biographies about a few things that had happened in my past and I hired a publishing company to edit, publish and distribute those ideas. Half a million dollars in gross profit later, I realized that my intuitions would make me a lot of money and I decided to hire a new company to distribute my next 4 books. Distribution of my new books will now spread world wide and this media company is giving me more royalties as per each book sold. My last biography will conclude from there The Devil in Polo left off and right in the middle of this new drama will be Chelsea Rhiannon Johnson. I posted a Craigslist Ad under the dating category and this young 20 something year old decided to respond. What surprised me was, she was all the way in Virginia and I was living in Largo, Fl. What in her right mind would make her want to respond so far away? This little vixen had me believing that she was looking for the love of her life and I saved all the correspondence in which she was seeking a family. Some men would find that obtuse, but I liked it and with me losing Kimberly and a new baby on the way from Amanda, it was a match for me. Despite her cruel intentions, I was unaware of the danger she had put others through before I met her. Chelsea and I would speak for weeks on the phone and we liked each other right away because I believed who she told me she was. She was an innocent girl released from the hospital for a rare disease that made her sick. I felt bad for her and did what I could to care for her. She made me care with her words of abuse at the hands of other men and her father. I took to her immediately and I wanted her to come down and spend time with me. Chelsea at the last minute said she was available to drive the 1000 miles to see me ad I didnt hesitate. I had to work, but I would allow her to stay at my place alone and it was a mistake I would regret vastly. Chelsea would spend the next 14 hours driving in her little tiny car and when it came time to meet me, she drove to my job. I saw her and in an instant, I was very dissapointed to say the least. I know I am shallow for saying this, but she wasnt what I thought she was. She was severely malnourished and her hair was nasty. I didnt falter and I decided to take her tired ass to lunch and it repulsed me to sit across from her. She wasnt the same woman I had been seeing in her photos, but its amazing how people in real life can be not what they appear. I had no choice but to help her, so she drove to my apartment and she slept the entire day. I came to home later and she would jump my bones the moment I walked into my bedroom. I am not going to kiss and tell, but lets just say its worth skipping the details, trust me. Anyway, it all went further downhill from there and I couldnt get this girl out of my apartment fast enough. I had to let her spend the night and that is when Carlos came into the picture. Chelsea thought it would be a great idea to tell this guy she was with me and she asked me to take a pic and we sent it to him through Facebook. He was pissed and she thought it was funny, but he immediately called and that is when I first saw the control of this man over her. There was more to what I knew and I became unnatracted even further with her. The next day came and I decided to say goodbye forever and I went to work. Chelsea would meet up with this Carlos and they both drove back together. I made the smart decision to tell her via text that I was no longer interested and it would be a decision that I would regret for obvious reasons today. Chelsea took it upon herself to delve into every friend I had on Facebook and convince them that I dumped her, lied to her, destroyed her, assaulted her and that I was HIV Positive. This crazy woman thought I wouldnt do anything about it, but she was wrong. She would furtherly create a Facebook Private Chat page and invite a few of my so-called friends to talk about me. I was privy to all the information thanks to many good friends, and I was shown that this disgruntled person was lying to everyone about me and even offering people my address and my Gate code so that someone could harm me. Lets go a bit further here....Chelsea would convince one of my old friends to spread a lying rumor that I was HIV positive. When a few of my friends were upset over it, I found out that Brenda St Martin was the culprit and her information was from Chelsea herself. Chelsea decided to lie to everyone and demean the person I was because I didnt want to date her anymore. Who in their right mind goes this far over being dumped? Each action that this person has taken in the last several months is truly convincing anyone and everyone that Chelsea is unstable at the least. As far as Amanda is concerned, that is merely noones business. I believed the story she sold me and I truly thought I was going to be the father of twins. Until the night her parents and husband came forth with their own version and it broke me. A concocted story of her dying was used to separate herself from me and her infamous lie. I was part of a cruel hoax to extort money from me and only losing 5000.00 would be my solace away from a psycho who had every intention of using a pregnancy to get what she wanted. I have shared alot of information with friends that most others would see as impossible, but it is what it is. Chelsea is currently lying to people for attention and claiming that I am stalking her. Lets go over that shall we? Do I call her? Do I call her job? Have i publicly announced that I miss her? Do I speak about her as if she was the love of my life? Do I allow friends to call her job also? Oh wait...thats not me, its her. This person has called my job a 100 times and hung up and even made death threats. I merely laugh it all off, but to post my name on Cheaterville as a person with Aids is sure something that crossed the line. I didnt deserve that, but I didnt retaliate and I left it alone. Chelsea, I havent spoken a word to you since the day I left you in my apartment that cold December and you have done nothing but post crap about me. You have involved this large Stephanie chick that I barely knew in high school, so I welcome the entertainment. If anyone is stalking someone, it is you stalking me chelsea. You have posted my information, my name, lies about me and you have publicly said things only you know about. If anyone reading this can look above this statement and see most of the names on here, it is you Chelsea. You seek attention and you could care less what it does to yourself. You are a mastermind of stalking and you have taken it to a level that scares me and you are a bully. You are mentally unstable and for you to be jealous of me and my books is absolutely insane. Who cares to be honest. Kim came back to me and the book made me alot of money, so it was worth it. It wasnt you that called my former publisher and they let me go...just remember one thing here...I quit them months before I met you and right after I published The Devil in Polo. Chelsea, I am asking you to leave me alone and to stop the madness here. No matter what I say or do, you will go back to your Facebook and lie some more and convince those idiots that you are being stalked. I want nothing to do with you and I have had enough! GO AWAY!

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Posted By: ChelseasnemesisUser Verified | 6/08/15 9:56 AM
Chelsea has had this kind of behavior described above for several years now. She'll cling to any man who'll take her and she'll lie, steal, borrow and cheat her way through every situation that she can. Her resumes and online profiles are all false and fabricated. She continuously re-invents herself online to fool men and potential employers. Her Facebook nude site was removed recently - why? She removes posts and has even completely removed online profiles to remove things that might not work with her current scheme or for the con she is trying to run at that time.
She's had 14 or more jobs in the last 5 years - being fired or just walking off almost every single one of them. Chelsea CANNOT live without the constant attention of (at least one) a men. That man can be a fat and sloppy Hispanic guy, a guy who's older than her pop (who's a loser jailbird himself), an step dad, a pimp or a group. She implodes if she's not the center of attention or getting all she needs. BE VERY CAREFUL if you come across this useless girl. Your life will change - maybe for the better while you're getting sex with her - but you will be RUINED in the end.
BEWARE of Chelsea Rhiannon Johnson PLEASE keep the public informed of this girls whereabouts.
Posted By: ChelseasnemesisUser Verified | 6/15/15 1:11 PM
Chelsea Rhiannon Johnson has been lying on the internet about her location so she can stalk some of the men in Northern Virginia that she has had relationships with. She found a guy to fell sorry for her and take her in - her old landlord Eric Phillips in Clifton, VA.
He's a stoner and a bit of a loser so its no wonder hes putting up with her still chatting it up and doing other men shes meeting on the web. Chelsea is a sex addict, an attention addict and has to have a constant stream of attention and men.
Men and women in Northern Virginia need to beware of her delusions and addictions. She talks the best game around and will mess up your life. She screwed mine when she seduced my BF.
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