Edward Grady
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Portland, OR   United States
Embarassed to be his wife
Bullying Type: Emotional
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4/06/15 9:00 PM
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I am this man's second wife. I am in the process of divorcing him due the the utter lack of respect and pathological lying. The final straw was leaving me at his parents house at halftime during the Superbowl to go smoke it up with his friends. He never came back. He called me at 11pm to advise me he was in a MVA. He was then arrested for DUII. We have not been married even 1 year.

Since leaving my residence he has tried to use my car insurance to get new teeth that he lost in a motorcycle accident years ago. He has also written 2 bad checks to our joint account and withdrawn the money. I am now out $1200. His phone was over $650 that he owes on my Sprint account. He kept a $12/hr job for 5 months then worked for UPS during the holiday's. He has not had a job since 2014.

He first cheated on me in October with a woman from POF. He is continuing to use Tinder and other free apps/sites to try and con women to help him. We are still legally married but continues to try and con women.

He will tell you anything. He will tell you he loves you, he wants to "take it to the next level." His quote is "it gets greater later." When he texts in agreement he will say "indeed." He will say he has multiple degrees, goes to school or works at UPS.

His biggest accomplishment is playing football with the Portland Pit Bulls. He thinks he is an amazing player and will feed you a bunch of BS about being a better defender than any other player. He pays to play for the Pacific Football League. Football is more important than anything else. He thinks about football 50% of the time. 25% of the time he thinks about beer and does not know his limits. He gets drunk often. 15% he thinks about smoking marijuana. That leaves 10% of the time thinking of you, his kids, his job or any type of responsibility that a grown up should be responsible for.

This man is a cancer (quote from his own brother). His family won't talk to him because of his actions and he wasn't raised that way. He will use his great family to try and con you too. You think his family are responsible so he must be...NO. RUN, RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN. He will harm you financially and emotionally.

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Story Details

Name: Edward Grady
Age: 47
Country: United States
Location: Portland, OR
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Profession: Other
Education level: Some college
University: N/A
Ethnicity: Black or African American
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: N/A
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 235
Tattoos: Yes

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