Bill Iger
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Bellmore, NY   United States
Bill Iger Psychotic Cop
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: LaterGator
3/28/15 9:59 AM
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Made the mistake of dating this abusive psycho. He used me, sent me home drunk every night with his Sargent's PBA card. I got sick and texted him like a crazy person, delirious and delusional from a recurrent UTI that has landed me in the hospital every month. He sent the SWAT team and had me arrested 4x for texting. I was so sick I barely remember doing it, the texts made no sense given the situation.

He was sleeping with other women and lying about it and we'd stopped using protection. I'm afraid now that he gave me an STD.

He's using the legal system to exact revenge and destroy me. I'm now facing a felony because every time I got sick I'd text him all this crazy delusional stuff. I couldn't help and didn't mean it at all. I've been so sick, battling what may be lupus and neurological problems.

He's a real sadistic sociopath. He knew I was sick. He's not going to stop until I'm dead or in jail. He's always said he has friends in the Nassau County District Attorney's office and he sure does. They keep convicting me for symptoms I can't control at all. Only thing I can do is try to stay healthy but every time I go to jail I end up with another kidney infection and back in the hospital.

He's a real PIG. He's not going to stop using the system to abuse me until I'm dead or in jail.

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