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Bullying Type: Emotional
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3/26/15 7:54 PM
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My boyfriend and I met in Jan 2014 but in between the year he has started to show his true colors.

Insisting I must put his family first before anything, I must do things for him that will get him noticed that I am someone "mature", like driving him to the bus station at 5am, 1 hour away from my house. When I told him I couldnt as my guardians were very strict and wouldnt let a girl out alone at such an hour, he got angry at me and started shouting at me for not being "matured" enough to fight back at them. His friends were looking down and laughing at me behind his back & when I told him, he shouted and verbally abused me for being a bitch and can't even accept his friends. Forcing me to pay for his share like dinner and groceries as he has "no money" and have alot of "responsibilities". He "advises me to grow up and "start sharing his burden" and if I dont have any money to "pay for my share of the marriage expenses" I am just being a whiny bitch and I should make my guardians pay for my share as it is "none of his responsibility". He always makes me have sex with him eventhough I do not want to (and have never given in at all, not even once) and when I dont follow his wishes, he would scream at me and for upsetting him and not giving in to his "needs". He would then hurl abuses at me like "dont be a whore if you are not one" " dont act like someone's girlfriend if you cant give him sex" "being a goody two shoes Christian girl who can't even keep her man, dont act like a bitch" With that he would throw me out of his apartment and will not speak to me for days. When friends ask why is he not speaking to me, he would immediately cut in and say, "why don't you ask her why is she being such a bitch?"

I tried to bear with all these verbal abuses. Explaining to him that our parents died when I was quite young, leaving me to look after my younger brother. My guardians took us in and took care of us for more than 10 years as their own children. I work 2 part time jobs and my brother does too to manage our finances and help with the University fees. We didnt want to burden our guardians too much after all they have done for us. My brother and I barely have any savings left as most of our paycheck goes to University fees. In this situation how could I even ask for more from them. My brother was telling me to be patient, pray and hope he would change. My boyfriend has a good paying job and parents who are still working. He spends his paycheck on nobody but himself and yet he still insists I pay for my share of things when we go on a date.

A year into our relationship, things went from bad to worse. Suddenly he just stops asking for sex. Suddenly he just stops asking for anything. He just asks me out when he is free, which is once every few days and he has set the rule that if he doesn't call to see me, I cannot call him. Friends started asking did we break up, I said no and asked why. Then they told me, that he has been introducing this other girl as his "official girlfriend" and I was just a back up till she got back from overseas to meet him. I went to see my boyfriend to clarify this, he was with his "official girlfriend" at his apartment, having very loud sex. When he finally opened the door, he had nothing on but boxers and she was wearing his tshirt. "so this is the bitch you were living off" she walked over to me and screened me up and down then she turned to him, "well, have your standards dropped? she looks just like a cheapskate piece of rubbish" and before I knew it, she slapped me across the face and shouted at me to get out before she calls her friends to rape me. My ex boyfriend then proceeded to wrap his arms around her and told me that I deserved it for being such a whiny bitch.

I was so broken, I didnt leave my house for a week. Not eating nor sleeping. I attempted suicide 4 times but my brother was extremely attentive so it all failed. Soon after, men were sent after me attempting to attack and rape me. I nearly died on the last attempt and was hospitalized for a week. That was the last straw, my brother and I went to the police and told them everything. A permanent restraining order was filed against those 2 people. That was the last anyone heard from them.

Girl's name: Joanne Teoh Shin Tzu

Boy's name: Kevin Wong Meng Chien

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