Tina Raye
"Dear Bully" letter
Female | Myrtle Beach, SC   United States
Riddle me this
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: 3VnHer2Girls
3/24/15 3:36 PM
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Why,when I came to your house,did you say NO WAY,WE ARE JUST FRIENDS.ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GUYS. Why not just answer truthfully and save me the heartache it took so long to get over? Because it's like this; he denied everything like you did. FOR 2 MORE YEARS after being offered his freedom.And still denied after I filed for divorce 6 months later. You both are disgusting and deserve each other.
Second,why did you and do you post all over your face book harassing me and using my children in pictures when they visits their dad? Why do you lie and create stories about me? Why am I on your radar?
Now you do have my full attention.I will no longer ignore your prepubescent slander. I'm here. Best to have me on that radar for a while

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Posted By: 3VnHer2Girls | 5/22/15 9:28 AM
And she STILL won't quit sniffing around
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