Amy Cringole
"Dear Bully" letter
Female | Corpus Christi, TX   United States
Marriage/Family Therapist tears apart family, while wife is 8 mnts preg.
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Savanna7777777
3/17/15 8:15 PM
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I think this is such a horrible situation. How can a Marriage & Family counselor get involved with a married man, especially while his wife is 8 months pregnant. Not only has this caused emotional stress to the wife but also the 2 children the couple already had. This type of emotional bullying is unacceptable behavior especially for someone in her field. What type of professional could have such low ethics? She should loose her license and not be able to come near any family in need of counseling. For those of you asking, no - they were not seeing her professionally. She (was) a friend of the family who intentionally seemed after this man, and he was not the first married man she went after. Amy Cringole, you have to be the lowest of the low.

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Posted By: Savanna7777777 | 3/22/15 6:20 PM
Amy Cringole, from Corpus Christi currently works in Denton Tx for ****. Prefers married men, doesn't care if she destroys a family, disrupts children's lives and steals their security. She doesn't want children because she is a spoiled brat who's parents have always given her everything she wants. They have always covered for her and continue to do so. Maybe that's why she has turned out to be the selfish [email protected] that she is. The only concern she has is loosing her license, she couldcare less that she has destroyed the homelife of 3 innocent children.
Posted By: W1LL0W | 4/15/15 6:32 PM
I would sue her for alienation of affection. Oh, and report her to her licensing department. I can't think of a worse kind of woman than one who goes after a husband and father.
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