Someone Being Bullied
Female | Houston, TX   United States
Bullying Type: Emotional
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3/15/15 9:15 PM
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For the past two years I have been stalked online. I have had to delete accounts because people were stalking my parents and myself. It got to the point where I decided to delete my social media. The day I did accounts were created pretending to be me. I emailed support for twitter and no luck. Then I decided to email the CEO of twitter. He sent me a link but I doubt he will do anything. My nudes have been blasted everywhere, my name has been ruined, I've lived in a state of anxiety for two years. I kept every report I sent Twitter. And it amazes me that they can suspend an account for excessive following within seconds, but can't suspend an account who is clearly bullying someone to the point it's affecting their personal life. This is my story. And I'm trying to just get these people to leave me alone so I can live my life in peace.

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Name: J F
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