"Dear Bully" letter
Female | Winnipeg, MB   Canada
Lori I ma trying to make you see what your doing to me
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified
3/06/15 6:46 AM
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This is my story & this is how I feel, As this is very hard for me to do & my intention is not to embarrass or shame Fred Mcpherson or Lori Lanyon Herron or Lori’s Boyfriend Rick at all as I do not know what else to do as I am at the brink of ending my life because of what Wendy has been & is doing to me. As I am typing this I am sitting down & crying in tears? While Lori & Fred are sitting down reading this story they will sit & laugh about it, If Wendy Grindle reads this story Wendy will play victim & of course Fred Lori & Rick will allow it to happen once again instead of confronting her. The question I ask myself why me what did I do to deserve this & why message my son when there is no good reason for it & why did Fred pay for Wendy’s trip in return for messaging my son. For Lori, Fred & Rick to open their eyes & to see Wendy for the person who she really is, & if you look at her Facebook you will see red flags. You will see that she has friends that are stolen from other people on her facebook & there are no friends of her own except the one she added after I posted a letter on bullyville (which I wrote the letter directed to Fred on Feb. 21, 2015 & she added that friend on the Feb. 25 just to cover herself & make herself look good & a victim). What angers me the most about what Lori & Fred & Rick are doing is allowing Wendy to play victim & allow her to get away with it, when I have the physical proof that I am NOT her first victim at all & I complained to you a few times & nothing is done about it. It seems to me that enjoy hanging out with bullies & supporting bullies. I have so much anger towards Lori & Fred for what Wendy did to me & I blame Fred & Lori for what Wendy did to me as it is their fault they are the ones who brought Wendy into everyone’s life NOT me. Yet the 3 of you have the nerve to accuse me for something I did not do at all, for an example post Wendy on thedirty.com or getting her fired from her job & I did NOT do any of those things at all, For what So Wendy can get a free trip to Arizona, If Fred & Lori had any thoughts of me posting her then you two had my email address instead of spreading to all of her facebook Friends stating “that Fred paid for my trip because of Adrienne posting me on thedirty.com” & second of all if people used their brains If someone has reposted me on thedirty.com again I sure as hell would not be telling anyone about it I would be ashamed of it, what was Wendy’s purpose behind it? So she can play victim & get a free trip & get whatever what she wants. There are red flags all over the place, all Lori, Fred & Rick has to do is look & you will see them red flag #1:- The Facebook, #2 Her playing victim all the time, #3:- thedirty.com, #4:- Is someone has not talked to any of their family member in over 8 years, #5:- none of this stuff has never happened before until Wendy walked into everyone’s life & that is a fact think about that one. #6:- When I have been complaining about the rumors since July 30, 2014 to you & I have not backed off & kept on repeatedly complaining about it over & over like a broken record & you failed to do nothing about it. #7:- Why is it that I have the same story as her other victims and yet I have never ever met them in my life and they have suffered almost the same thing I did? Well what is up with that one? #8:- I have never made a post about Wendy on thedirty.com at all about Wendy but yet Wendy has been on thedirty.com under several other names what about that one?
Wendy will try to bring her youngest two kids involved & get you to ask them all sorts of questions & the will stick up for her & that is to be expected as all children will stick up for their parent & Lori, Fred should know that, & that is not fair to them as they are not involved & should not be involved at all & keep them out of it they are just kids & keep them that way. Unlike my son he is already involved thanks to Wendy & my son did not need this at all & my son is a kid & should not be dragged into adult situation at all. No kid should be dragged into an adult situation. I try to find ways to cope with what happened to me & with me typing this letter it help me take my mind off ending my life & it stops me from cutting my arm up. When either Fred or Lori made a comment on thedirty.com stating along the lines of people must be bored with their lives & are pretty low of what they are doing to Wendy well have you guys looked in the mirror what do you think you are doing to me by spreading rumors & lies about me it shows to me that you guys no lives either & that you guys are also very low to be doing that to me. You guys said it was for the best what is for the best that you guys can spread rumors & lies about me, & it was for the best that you drag me into your drama? Was it for the best that my side of everything never got told? Was it for the best that the 3 of you lied about everything & to each other? Lori & Fred tell everyone that they do not want to be drag into this & keep them out of it; you both dragged yourselves into this & dragged me into this mess not me. I am the victim NOT Wendy! Please DO NOT say you’re a victim of this post as you are not the victim at all, you brought this on your own by bringing Wendy into everyone’s life without knowing who she really is. If you want to blame anyone blame yourselves for bringing Wendy into everyone’s lives & destroying it just like you did to me.
Please people help me deal with this as I don’t know how to deal with this as you can tell; I even tried ending my life 2 times because of this. I don’t even know what I am feeling is right at all? I feel so much anger, hurt, distrust, humiliated, ashamed (for what they did to me, I try to stay strong & it is so hard for me to do as my life is done & destroyed & there is no hope for answers or repair). Meanwhile Lori, Fred, & most of all Wendy think that my life is worth nothing as you can tell & they sit back & laugh at it as they succeeded at it. They have no remorse for what was done to me. Please people help me make sense of what they did to me & why they did this to me? The worst part is that I will never get an answer from them as to why or an apology from them at all. What Wendy did to me is called Social Bully. I guess in the end I want my life back that Wendy stole from me with the help of Lori and Fred. I also want the truth & why From Wendy, I guess that is my hope from this story. People tell me not to get my hopes of getting the truth from Wendy or an answer from her as Wendy will not accept any responsibility at all & instead she will play victim once again & even her other victims say the same thing about her. Fred, Wendy also has been spreading rumors about you to as well & why would you hang out or associate yourself with that type of person; I thought you were better than that. Of course Lori, Fred & Rick will blame me for Wendy spreading rumors & lies about me, also they will blame me for putting them on here, but yet they never listen to me at all what am I supposed to do end my life because of this. I know what Wendy is doing & all she is doing is using Fred for his money & everyone can see that. It should have not even gone this far but Fred & Lori allowed it to go this far.

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Posted By: hurt1972User Verified | 3/16/15 7:23 PM
Hey Lori;
Don’t you find it odd that in the evening on February 13, 2015 you’re husband Rick put you on the speaker phone and my mother confronted you and she even told you that there were rumors being spread about me stating that “I got Wendy fired from her job” (which is not even true at all, I did not get Wendy Grindle fired she quit) and then a week or two later she quits her job. What is up with that one? Don’t you find that a bit odd? It was even pointed out to me and I now realize that also, everyone finds that a bit odd about that one and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, does it? What is going on here???? I don't think that it is right that I am being used as an scapegoat here why don't you guys start telling the truth. Like if Wendy Grindle wanted to go on a trip then tell Fred instead of lying about it, I am sure he would have paid for her trip if she told him the truth about everything.
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