Abi Slinger
Bullying Survivor
Female | Croatia   Croatia
Bullied for having different music taste
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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10/31/14 1:07 PM
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The first of all, to make it clear, in my land we have 8 grades of elementary school, 4 years of high school and then we have college.
And now, allow me to begin.

I have always been a hardworking, educated and a very shy girl. I loved to study and my marks were excellent. In the 5th grade there was this girl called Josipa who would nag me for school help such as homeworks. I "didn't know" how to say NO just because of my shyness. And every time I couldn't help her or if I accidentally help her wrong, she'd curse me out. I was actually afraid of her. It has been like that for 2 years.
Seventh grade, age of 13, people change (puberty). Her behaviour towards me mentally killed me, my grades then drastically went wrong. I was sent to school counselor for that because they though I had a problem.
One day when Josipa attacked me for homework, I went to beat her up but my classmistress stopped me.
From that day I was regular school counselor visitor - that woman really thought I had a problem.

As almost every teenager I began to wear black and I was automatically called a satanist for not listening to turbo folk music. I have always been a punk rock lover. I was bullied by all 4 classes (I was in class A which had 22 pupils). No one did anything about it, NO ONE. The counsilors did not give a single ** (there were 2 of them in the end) and every time I'd do something (fight or shout at bullies), it'd be my fault. I came home crying almost every day. One day counselors decided to send me to a psychologist because they said they couldn't find a problem and how a professional could. I did visit a psychologist who said how there's nothing wrong with me.
Then these 2 ** decided to send me to a shrink. No thanks.
They did nothing. They didn't help me at all. Their behaviour made bullies think they're allowed to insult me a lot and kick me around.

The same thing repeated in high school and college. I'm obviously destined to be bullied. That's why I spend time at home, unemployed, living peaceful life.
I will not attend any college anymore. I'm sick of this education crap only because I know how I will be treated. I'd rather be disabled than go to any school anymore.

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