Andrew H.
Bullying Survivor
Male | Katy, TX   United States
How i Became Lonely
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: lonepunchingbag
9/23/14 1:48 PM
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My Story
My name is Andrew H. I have been bullied my whole life mostly in my Kindergarten through 6th grade years. I have always stuck out of the crowd (not necessarily in a good way) I am short, skinny, nerdy, annoying, ugly, and a whole lot of other things. It all started in kindergarten at West Memorial Elementary where I was bullied for being a Christian physically, & verbally. At first I would read a bible during free reading time and lunch, but both teachers and students would yell at me saying that I'm going to burn in hell if I didn't stop (but I kept on reading till one of the headmasters told me to stop). I was bullied everyday often times two people would hold me down as two others would beat me up, or there would be two people one to hold me against a tree the other to kick me and punch me mercilessly.
After 9 weeks of torture I went to a private school F.W.A. and on the 1st day of school this jerk (let’s call him Jack) pushed me down the stairs to the kindergarten building and jumped on me then kicked me in the ribs mercilessly for about 1 minute. Jack bullied me about 3 times a week during kindergarten, but luckily Jack was slow and wasn't as strong as the bullies at my old school. In 1st grade I wasn't bullied a whole lot because I had different teachers than Jack. When I was in 2nd -3rd grade Jack stopped bullying me physically because his mother was sick.
One of the really rough years for me was 4th grade because Jack started bullying me a whole lot. Jack would kick me, push me, yell at me, call me names and the list goes on and on. The head teacher (the teacher who is in charge of all the other teacher and deals with all incidents before the principal does unless the teacher said the situation is "under control") of 4th Grade told me that Jack has THE RIGHT TO BULLY ME and that he is bigger, heavier, and older so he is allowed to bully me according to the cycle of life. I was also yelled at by her (let’s call her Mrs. A) for trying to fight back. Mrs. A also said that I'm supposed to just suck up the pain and be a man. I also tried getting the principal involved but that didn't end well I got in deeper trouble with Mrs. A.
In 5th grade I lost all my friends because Jack and another kid who I will mention soon convinced everyone that I was a bully and they’re the victims. He (Jack) bullied me pretty much the same way he did during 4th grade. But in 5th grade there was another bully I'm going to call this person by his real name Kai (pronounced ky). Kai was even worse he thought he was from the hood just because he had dark skin. He bullied me because my parents didn't vote for Obama. He and his whole family convinced everyone at church and some people at school that my parents didn't vote for Obama because we are against black people which is completely false. Kai also took every chance he had to humiliate me and bully me.
The worst year so far has been 6th grade almost all the boys in my bullied me (mostly verbally the only one who was physical was Jack) I was bullied daily it (the bullying) got so bad that I would cry myself to sleep every night for about two months. I also felt like I was rejected by everyone and that nobody liked me or wanted me around. The one thing that I am glad happened was when I snapped. I snapped when I was in art class about 1/2 of the people in that class were yelling at me and pushing me. They all got away with it the first time they did it because 1 I didn't tell the teacher 2 the teacher wasn't in the room. But later they started doing the same thing while the teacher was in the room, so he told them to stop so they did for a few minutes anyway. About 10 minutes later they did it again and that's when it happened I slammed my hands on the table and ran to the door and then screamed "That's it I'm done" as I opened the door. About 10 minutes later the teacher came out and had a talk with me and told me "You did the right thing" then I replied "any other day I would have punched them and ran out the room." I stayed outside for about 5 more minutes when I ran out of tears and threw up the little bit of food I had for breakfast, I went home for the day, told my parents what happened. The next day in Bible Class we were asked to email the teacher a paper on something you would like to talk about, so I sent him a paper on what bullying does to the victim (I did that because Jack was in that class with me) I did the same thing every time so that he would get the point that I'm done with the bullying. I also got many teachers to help me and to represent me in meetings at school about bullying. I haven't been bullied (with the exception of cyber bullying) ever since I still have issues being social because I feel still refuse to believe that I'm not a social outcaste. That is my story. If you need help because you were bullied email me at **

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