Girl Gang
Someone Being Bullied
Female | China, Republic of (Taiwan)   China, Republic of (Taiwan)
Girl gang tortures bullied little girl, burning hair, cutting clothes
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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9/14/14 5:37 PM
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In Taiwan, an 11 years old girl named Chiu, was recently bullied and abused, by a gang of other teenage girls. And it gets worse.

One of the bullies, a 17-year-old named Huang, claimed Chiu was spamming flirtatious texts to her boyfriend. Huang was furious and cursed the little girl, calling her a ‘bitch’.

Huang called for backup and gathered 5 of her “sisters” the next day, they took Chiu into the woods and got sadistic with the little girl.

And this was not your normal kind of bullying, this was torture.

The bullies pulled her hair, burned her hair, cut off her hair, they beat her black and blue, cut off her shirt, then took away her underwear and they took naked pictures of the poor child.

Chiu was found hidden in the woods by nearby residents, and was brought to the police station. No word yet whether the offending juveniles have faced justice for their sadistic crime.

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