Ky McCloskey
Bullying Survivor
Male | Vienna, IL   United States
Youtube Saved Me and I hope it Saves You Too
Bullying Type: Emotional
Twitter @Kymcc

Posted By: KyMcCloskey
7/21/14 10:08 AM
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Growing up was hard, I wasn't the cutest guy, or the skinniest, witch made me over think everything. Kids would label me and call me many names for many different reasons, around grade school I really didn't know what my sexuality was, all I knew was boys and girls were supposed to be together and that was it, but all I ever thought about was how cute some of the boys in my class were, and once I realized what I was doing was wrong I just put those feelings in the back of my mind. Kids would call me gay before I even knew the meaning of the ignorant word. Around the beginning of high school I was depressed and kids would put me down, so I decided to find an outlet, and I did:) I found Acting and Choir was my all time love. and once I started to really love myself again kids would take the one thing that made me happy and use it against me. So yet again I was sad, and I was tired of being sad so I made a singing youtube channel just to post songs because thats what I liked to do. Someone from school found out about it and told about half the school, and yet again something that I used to run from bullying was taken away from me. I had nothing anymore and I didn't know what to do so all I did was watch people on youtube, and watched coming out stories and how happy alot of my favorite youtubers were, I would go through the comments on their videos and saw that there was much negativity as there was positivity. And then I realized that not everyone in this world is going to like me and everyone is going to judge me regardless, but I realized that there are people in the world that do like me and that will support me and I have to find those people and not worrie about the haters or the mean words. So thats what I did, at the end of my Jr. Year I came out of the closet and started being me and loving myself. I then made a youtube channel called K-SmilesxD and started making videos, with in a month I have made 215 subscribes and have met alot of amazing people. I am not happy to sayy that I am happy and wouldn't change that for the world . I hope to one day grow as a family and help people the way the youtube family has helped me. I was hoping to get alot more LGBTQ people and anyone who needs a laugh, or even some love, Im here for you and welcome you to join my youtube family:)

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Posted By: Woombah | 7/31/14 10:33 AM
You have a good heart that will get you far in life :)
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Name: Ky McCloskey
Age: 23
Twitter: Twitter @Kymcc
Country: United States
Location: Vienna, IL
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Relationship Status: Single
Profession: Entertainment
Education level: High school
University: N/A
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 220
Tattoos: No

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