b m
Bullying Survivor
Female | Butler, PA   United States
Bullying may or may not be over.
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: lolyoulosenotme
6/06/14 1:01 PM
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A local gossip sit owner bulled people so he can post them on his gossip/porn gossip web site. He states he sold it but he had said that before. Since wordpress shut down his old one he got a new one on blogspot. His twitter page is still running along with a new facebook since facebook keeps kicking him off. He is relentless in his pursuit to harass anyone who calls him out on posting children on the site. Right now he has stopped while the local court system is monitoring his web site because he stabbed a person who called him out for posting his children. He posted my family and friends one a child because I ran a web site that called out all his lies. He posted private information where people lived phone numbers and even a person's SSN. This guy is sick. I believe he has a mental problem. He can not be trusted. He uses many fake profiles of peoples real names and fictitiously made up names to harass, taunt and/or to post on his web site.

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Name: b m
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Country: United States
Location: Butler, PA
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