"Dear Bully" letter
Male | Oak Point, MB   Canada
I'm doing this to make you think about how the rumors that you spread about me.
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified
2/21/15 1:27 PM
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I am not doing this to mean or hurt you in anyway, I want you to think about what your doing to me and what your rumor spreading is doing to me and how it is affecting my life and how it destroyed my life. I hope you read this this entirely letter and think about what has been done to me and you realize what is done to me. What you did to me by spreading rumors about me is very low and very immature of you to do. You have no idea how much you hurt me by spreading rumors about me, what have I ever done to you do deserve this. Furthermore you knew that Wendy Grindle was spreading rumors about me and you knew that she message my son and said awful things about me to my own son except pay for her trip to Arizona in return for messaging my son and putting me down, Do you think that it is fair or right for you to do that. And yet you still allow Wendy to spread rumors about me and your doing nothing about it. I have asked you so many times to stop it and I asked you several times to confront me about everything instead of spreading lies which is the most mature thing to do. And you know for a fact that none of this did NOT happen in the past until Wendy showed up in everyone's lives and think about it. Then you turn around and tell people that I am fat and ugly but you could not tell me to my face at all but you manage to tell everyone about that, and that has hurt me a lot and it haunts me everyday and night, that you said that and posted that about me. Never in a million years would I think that you would say that about me. I had so much respect for you and for you to turn around and do this to me hurts me a lot. Then you turn around and tell everyone on Wendy's Facebook that I posted her on the dirty which is not true at all, How could I do that when I knew nothing about Wendy or her past and yet you told Wendy everything about me and she used it to her advantage. If you even thought that me posting Wendy on the dirty you should have confronted me instead of messaging Wendy's friends on Facebook and telling them that I posted Wendy Grindle on the dirty. What would I have to gain from posting Wendy on the, I had nothing to gain from it at all, and I knew nothing about Wendy's past the only ones that knew about Wendy's past was Wendy herself, her daughter and son and her EX and her family, and yes Wendy had a lot to gain from it to, like trips to Arizona paid for her by you. And Yes Pat did admit to starting the post but I had nothing to do with it at all. I have heard from people in Selkirk that you wished I was dead, and that I am fat and ugly and stupid. I have the messages stating from at least two other people besides the one that you talked to. I have confronted you many times and you still did nothing but allow or told Wendy to spread rumors about me! You claim your not an idiot but your acting like one by allowing the rumors spreading to continue. And Yes I did try to end my life twice because I wanted you and Wendy to stop spreading rumors about me and I did not know what else to do about it or who to turn to, which i am not proud of doing that whatsoever. Yes I did cut my arm up on several occasions as I have so much anger and so much questions about why you would even spread rumors about me for no reason at all. Before you started spreading rumors I was a happy easy to along with and now well I have a lot of anger for what was done to me. I did not deserve any of this. Your to scared to confront Wendy about any of the rumor spreading at all. and yes of course she will deny it, as most bullies do that. I have so many questions but no answers at all. 1) why would you spread rumors about me, is the question I asked myself every day is the major question I have. Why me, what have I done so bad to deserve this? is also what I keep asking myself time in and time out everyday.
At the end of the day you have no one to blame but yourself for spreading the rumors about me and you cannot even blame Wendy for spreading the rumors because you allowed it to happen and you knew what type of person she was and you still continue to allow it to this day. You cannot blame me for this letter either the only person you blame is yourself because you spread the rumors and you allowed Wendy to this as well and you cannot say you did not know about it because you knew about it the whole time. you should have asked yourself a long time ago when all this started. None of this has happened to me until Wendy came into everyone's lives what is going on here and why am I being accused of spreading rumors all of sudden why now and not before? To be honest I never thought you would be behind spreading rumors and you were never like this until Wendy came into everyone's life. I really do hope you realize the damage of you spreading rumors about me and what you did to me. By the way Wendy is also spreading rumors about you and why would anyone be friends or be with someone who spreads rumors about them? Do I expect an apology from you, I am not getting my hopes on getting an apology from you. There is so much evidence about who Wendy is really like all you have to do is look at it and look at her Facebook and you will see that she does not have any friends of her own and that they are stolen from other people on Facebook and that should be a red flag right there. You were never like this until Wendy came into the picture and soon as Wendy came into the picture you change into a monster and started spreading rumors about me. This is the only way I can make you see what you are doing to me with spreading rumors and bullying me, I have tried everything else and nothing, I used this as my last resort. I really do hope you read this and think about what you have done to me. Someone has to stand up to Wendy as she is the root of all of this mess and deep down you know that as I have never came to you or complained to anyone about this and why would I start now, what makes Wendy so special. And after what you put me through by spreading rumors about me I would not wish this on my worst enemy at all. I am so sick and tired of you allowing Wendy to play the victim here when she is NOT the victim she is the one spreading the rumors about me with the help of you. you have no reason to be mad at me at all, I did nothing to anyone at all. If you want to be mad at someone be mad at yourself for allowing Wendy to spread the rumors and Wendy For spreading the rumors about me. I want you to think about what you did to me and what Wendy has done to me and how it impacted and wrecked my life. The only person who has the right to be mad is me and no one else.

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Posted By: Bob35User Verified | 2/23/15 5:22 PM
I have known this poster & have lived with the poster of this letter for a couple years or so & I have health problems have she help me through it. I am a 75 years old man who has trouble around. I hate seeing this poster in a lot of emotional pain & it hurts me to see her in pain. I have seen her go through a lot with these two people before that there were three people but her mother confronted the third person & lets hope the third person back off, but the rumors are still coming at her at a time when she does not need this stress. These rumors have been starting since Wendy has came into these three people lives (Fred, the poster, & the third person). These rumors has cost the poster everything & Fred & Wendy does not seem to realize everything that she has lost because of it. This poster keeps punishing herself for trusting this man & believing in this man. Far as I am concerned Fred is guilty for not doing anything about it or putting a stop to it a long time ago when he should have done that. If it was one of my friends or if I was with someone who was doing this to another person I would have drop that person long time ago for bullying people. Fred should have confronted this poster on a lot of stuff but he did not, this poster has let Fred know about every rumor & confronted him on every rumor & nothing at all.
Posted By: Bob35User Verified | 2/23/15 5:24 PM
People should realize that spreading rumors about someone for their own person gain could actually harm the victim in more ways than one. Wendy has been spreading rumors for her own personal gain as you can tell the only thing that Wendy is after is the money from Fred. Fred should open his eyes & see Wendy for what she is. Me being 75 years old man I should know a little bit on the ins & outs of life & see what is going on. If Wendy has any remorse for what she did she should start telling the truth or leave everyone alone before you wreck other people lives. Wendy if you wanted Fred to pay for your trip to AZ then you should be telling him the truth & not spreading lies & harming an innocent person knowingly. Fred I hope you feel bad for what you did to this person & you think about the damage you have done to her for no reason at all. Fred you should take some time away from everyone & DO NOT answer any messages from anyone & think about what you did & how much emotional damage you did to her, & was it worth it. If Wendy had half a brain she would leave you alone to think about everything. If she does not leave you alone so you can think then you know she is trying to stop you from thinking & finding out the truth about everything. honestly what you (Fred) & Wendy have been doing is very immature & enough is enough. Fred put yourself in the victim shoes for once how would you feel if someone was doing this to you! You must have low self esteem in order for someone to con you like Wendy is doing to you & you have to admit Wendy is very good at conning people. Listen to your heart & not other people are saying it will hurt you in the long run & trust me been there.
Posted By: tinymeUser Verified | 2/25/15 12:51 PM
I know this man & he has paid Wendy to the bully this woman to the point of no return & this kind of action that he has done to his mental torture to her & she is trying to figure out what she did to deserve this kind of bullying. He knows for a fact the Wendy has been bullying this person above & he allows it. Fred thinks it 's funny & that it's a joke that Wendy has been spreading rumors about this person named above. He has never came forward & confront the victim nor has he apologized for his actions that he has done to this victim. He has even went as far to pay for Wendy's vacation everywhere & every time that Wendy spread a rumor about her. We all know for a fact Wendy is using him for his money, Wendy has told everyone in her hometown. If Fred even has the guts he would stop paying for everything when it comes to Wendy & he will see the truth about her & she will move on to a different man. You'll find out on your own. I know for a fact that this rumors situation started when Wendy came into everyone lives. Fred you owe this person an apology for how you treated her. there was no excuse for what you did to her. I REALLY DO HOPE YOU APOLOGIZE TO HER & CONFRONT HER ON EVERYTHING INSTEAD OF SPREADING LIES BOUT HER. WENDY IF YOU WANTED FRED TO PAY FOR YOUR TRIP YOU SHOULD BE TRUTHFUL TO HIM INSTEAD OF SPREADING LIES THAT THIS PERSON POSTED YOU ON THE DIRTY WHICH SHE NEVER DID AT ALL & YOU KNEW THAT WENDY & THAT IS CALLED SLANDER & FRAUD FOR WHAT YOU DID TO HER. Wendy you are making money & benefiting from these rumors & that is not right at all, that is very immoral. Fred soon as you met this Wendy you changed into a person that no one likes. A person is suppose to make you a positive person not a negative one, like you have became. You should confront Wendy, telling why is someone accusing me of spreading rumors about someone & it never happened before?
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified | 3/02/15 12:45 PM
To give everyone the update I am still continued to be bullied but how ever finding out that I am NOT Wendy Grindle's only victim how ever I cannot post a copy of the message as I do not have the other victim's permission at this time. They only question I have is why me. This man has refuse to answer my question and even after I showed him the physical proof of what has been done to me and he still thinks I am a joke and that it is ok for him and Wendy Grindle to bully me which is not right. how much more proof does he need that Wendy is spreading lies and rumors about me and bullying me. Sometimes I ask myself is this what my life has meant to be is bullied and people spread lies and destroy my life? Fred does not even think about anything except that he listens to the wrong people and does not stick up for himself. Fred pays Wendy to spread so much lies about me and yet it is alright for Wendy to play victim when she not a victim. Fred Mcpherson should realize that none of this happened until Wendy Grindle came into everyone lives and since all the damage that Wendy has done to me I don't know what I am feeling is right or not? I feel a lot of anger, hurt that Fred Mcpherson, Lori Lanyon Herron, Lori's boyfriend Rick and Fred Mcpherson's family has allowed the bullying to happen to me not to mention disappointment and the embarrassment it has caused me and they all think what Wendy did to me is a joke. I had so much respect for Lori Lanyon Herron and Fred Mcpherson I cannot get that out of my head why would those two do that to me when I have done nothing to them. These people do not seem to realize the pain I am in how how much it has effected my life and destroyed my life. Lori stick's up for Wendy why I do not know when I have physical proof that I am NOT wendy's first victim of being bullied and they never asked for it at all, as I will not post it because I do not what to further traumatized Wendy's other victim anymore either, just like I am
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified | 3/12/15 6:09 PM
Wendy Grindle has been telling everyone that I got her fire and it is taking a lot of money to proof that I did not get her fired and the fact that she has damage my name by doing that and Fred not listening to a damn word about it and not listening to everything. Wendy Grindle has done so much damage to me, and Fred allows it to happen, I am trying to fight to clear my name instead it has ended up costing me thousands and thousands of dollars to clear it. I hope and pray that this does not happen to anyone else and I hope and pray that no one has to go through what I have gone through.
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified | 3/15/15 7:35 PM
This message is in 3 parts.
I am typing you this letter let you know and hope your ok; yes my mother did send some messages to you, the same thing with my friends, as we all do worry about you. A true friend or person would go out of their way to protect you & make sure nothing happens to you at all. If none of us cared about you then we would not be doing this and let you find out on your own. We are trying to get you to see the whole picture & open up to reality, & stop you from losing your money as it should be spent on your granddaughter and yourself & no one else. All everyone is trying to do is look out for your best interest at heart & make sure nothing bad happens to you & save you from embrassement. A person is supposed to bring out the best in you not the worst in you. A relationship is supposed to be based on honesty & not lies. Yes I did post you on because I did not know what else to do as I have tried everything in my power & in my heart to make you realize what is happening, make you open your eyes up & see everything that is going on, & for you to listen to both sides of the story not just one side of the story. Not sure if you’re getting any of the messages as they are being read 11:09pm, 2:32am,3:15am 4:26am, 5:10am, and in between the hours of 11:09pm and 6:00am And I did not send messages for Wendy to read if I wanted Wendy to read the messages then I would send them to her not you. Now I realize it was the wrong thing to do but what options did I have at the time? I am sick & tired of Wendy reading my messages when they are directed at you & for you only.
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified | 3/15/15 7:50 PM
I'm getting mad because I'm being used as a scapegoat for everything she does wrong; I get blamed for it & that shouldn't be happening she should be taking accountability for it. I told you because you deserved to know that I did it & it was better that it came from me & no one else,& that way you don’t hear lies from other people. I want you to see what is happening & think what is happening, & I want my answers from Wendy & I want to know why would Wendy do that to me as I have never ever done anything to her at all, Whose idea was it to spread rumors about me? I know where she is getting her information from as some of those people that she has on Facebook I went to school with & you knew I was born & raised in Selkirk, so it was easy for her to get all the information on me. I wouldn't be lying to you about stuff like this at all as I have never ever done that to you in the past so why would I start that now? None of this ever happened at all until Wendy came into the picture & deep down I think you know that. Yes Wendy has been spreading rumors about me & why I do not know. I wished I did but I have no answers for that & to this day I'm trying to make sense of this but I can't make sense of it at all & the only person who has the answers right now is Wendy Grindle. I'm trying so hard to get answers from her but no luck. Yes Wendy did message my son as to why I do not know BUT I want to know why as there is no reason to for it at all & again Wendy is the only one with the answers, not me. Why go to my parents & spread lies about me when there is no reason for it? I would love to have answers for all these questions & more. You know better than anyone I keep physical proof of everything which I do have physical proof. Why is it I'm not the only victim of Wendy; there is another victim too & yet we never met each other & don’t know each other but we have almost the same situation & the only common Denominator is Wendy. Why is that?
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified | 3/15/15 7:52 PM
The worst part is you’re not making Wendy accountable for anything, instead you are rewarding her for her bad behavior, let’s say if one of your kids did the things that Wendy has done to me & a few other people like spread lies & rumors about you, would you reward them with a vacation for spreading lies & rumors about you? The answer is no you would not so why do that with Wendy; reward her for her bad behavior then all you are sending to her that it is ok for her to act like that? Why would you reward her for her bad behavior & not your kids? I am mad & hurt about is that Wendy Grindle quit her Job not even a week before she went to Arizona because she had a hard time travelling to work but meanwhile she had no problems travelling to Arizona at all? She is telling everyone that I got her fired from her job. Yet she just got promoted to assistant manager & would have been making $40,000.00 per year & she threw all that away for what a trip to Arizona; how stupid is that & to be honest would you do that? She cannot say that her job does not give transfers to another location because they do and you know that and that would be another Stupid excuse as they said that they would have gave her a transfer & they even offered it to her & she turned it down. Her company thought it was weird & odd.
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified | 3/15/15 7:53 PM
She is running out of lies and excuses on everything. She has to start being held accountable for it, & you turned around & rewarded her for it by paying for her trip to Arizona. Wendy should have asked for a transfer or find another Job before she quit, the posts on says she is a gold digger & now what is she doing? She does not have a job at all. Who is going to get the blame for it? Of course me because you have allowed her to play victim for so long that she will keep playing it. You did not nip it in the bud in the beginning when I asked you to do that & now look where it has gotten everyone; nowhere. It has gotten worse because of you rewarding her for her bad behavior. If you paid for Wendy’s trip because she told you that I got her fired then that is your fault not mine as you should have confronted me about it & it would have saved you a lot of money & you did not. I guess that will be another lesson for you to learn unfortunately & sad to say.
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified | 3/16/15 7:24 PM
Hey Lori;
Don’t you find it odd that in the evening on February 13, 2015 you’re husband Rick put you on the speaker phone and my mother confronted you and she even told you that there were rumors being spread about me stating that “I got Wendy fired from her job” (which is not even true at all, I did not get Wendy Grindle fired she quit) and then a week or two later she quits her job. What is up with that one? Don’t you find that a bit odd? It was even pointed out to me and I now realize that also, everyone finds that a bit odd about that one and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, does it? What is going on here???? I don't think that it is right that I am being used as an scapegoat here why don't you guys start telling the truth. Like if Wendy Grindle wanted to go on a trip then tell Fred instead of lying about it, I am sure he would have paid for her trip if she told him the truth about everything.
Posted By: hurt1972User Verified | 3/29/15 11:48 PM
As the time goes by I know one thing for a fact & I've accepted the fact what Fred Mcpherson has told everyone that I'm FAT, UGLY, STUPID & USELESS, that I'm embarrassment to him & that he wished I was dead to be the truth. He has no remorse in saying that to my friends. You can see under in the post under my story (Adrienne DeBoer of Winnipeg). He thinks it's funny that he said that to everyone & that he thinks he is big & tough & a real man for saying that about me. The fact that he used me & that hurts me more than anything I guess I was wrong to believe in him & that he deserved better in life. I was stupid for even believing in him so I guess he was right that I'm stupid. I really do hope his friends find out what he is really all about as I did find out his true colors.That he gets a kick out out treating people like me like crap & he thinks he is justified for doing that to me. Yet he has no spine to stick up for himself with other people, I hope in time I can get answers as to why I was treated crap by him for no reason, that is my only dream is to get answers from him as to way he treated me like crap & he allowed the rumors & lies to be spread about me. According to them it ok for them to do that to me & it has been admitted already & I've got prove that the person has done it BUT he allowed it like he said I'm worth nothing & I deserved to be dead. When it happens to them it is a whole different story. They are mad at me for posting him on Bullyville BUT look what they did to me by spreading lies & rumors about me & that is ok & allowed. put yourself in my shoes how would you feel if someone did that to you Fred Mcpherson of Oak Point. You told me over & over that you dont like people posting you on the internet but you did that to me & you don't like people spreading lies & rumors about you & yet you did that to me & I've never done anything at all. WHAT MAKES YOU BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!!! The truth will come out in the end & I have nothing to hide.
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