Alyssa Funke
Someone Being Bullied
Female | River Falls, WI   United States
College student commits suicide
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: FreshStarts
5/29/14 7:55 AM
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A 19-year-old college student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls fatally shot herself on a boat in St. Paul, Minn. last month, after her former high school peers learned she had appeared on a porn website, deluging her with insults and taunts via social media.

Earlier this year, the woman, Alyssa Funke, taped a scene in Las Vegas for the adult site Casting Couch, which was published online a few weeks ago. In the clip, Funke, under the stage name “Stella Ann,” revealed she was from Minnesota and talked about the sports she’d played in high school. She then made many personal confessions in the pre sex interview, admitting she’d had slept with six partners (mostly former boyfriends) by the age of 18; that she’d lost her virginity at the age of 16; and that she had a collection of sex toys she enjoyed using while watching adult films.

When the clip became public, many of Funke’s classmates from her alma mater, Stillwater High School, caught wind of her one-off into the adult world, they took to Twitter and Facebook to shame the young woman, with one writing, “Nothing brings a school together like a pornstar who graduated last year,” with another asking, “Does her dad know?”

Amazingly, even AFTER news of her April 16 death spread, some tweeters were still inundating the account with cruel messages: One account under the handle [email protected] wrote to her, “Sorry you blew your face off. RIP,” while another @CountDraculaNES, “I bet your vag is as loose as a plastic bag.”

Funke initially was enthusiastic about her foray into XXX, tweeting “Pornstar Status,” and “FAMOUS for dayzzzzzzz” after the release of the clip, but one post on her Facebook page seemingly illustrated her disenchantment over matters.

“The people that envy & hate you the most, stalk you on social media the most so, hey hi hello how r u doing, this ones for you,” she wrote March 4.

The tragic death comes on the heels of the vastly-reported budding porn career of Duke student Miriam Weeks, who went on a full-blown media blitz, making no apologies, after her porn work came to light.

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