Rachel Evans
Bullying Survivor
Female | London, England   United Kingdom
Bullied for pale skin
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Helpers
5/13/14 8:32 AM
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Rachel is an actress and also a published model. She has appeared in TV and film, music videos and numerous magazines and newspaper to date.

She trained at The Actors Centre Soho, London. After leaving school,she trained and worked in Journalism,as court reporter.

Rachel appeared at the Soho Theatre in Parallel Lives, by John Asquith. Her strengths lie in comedy, as seen in her Goth character in Brit film Making Waves.

Her quirky and well toned fitness model looks combined with a magnetic personality have led to working with leading photographers and artists being their muse for projects. She is keen on fitness and nutrition and has appeared in the press magazines and newspaper features.

Rachel has used her writing background and had various work published in a Photographic Art magazine in 2006 and 2007.

Rachel Evans says she has endured ‘women haters’ all her life.

‘At 41, people think I look a decade younger,’ she says. ‘I have re-invented myself into a blonde bombshell. Mums at the school gate hate me because I am pretty and a size eight.’

Evans says she has been bullied all her life. ‘At primary school I was called “China Doll” due to my pale complexion and dark hair and at high school I was bullied for not being in with the right crowd,’ she says.

Now it’s the mums at the school gates who ostracise her. ‘They don’t accept me because I am more attractive and look younger than them,’ she says. ‘They are envious of my figure as a lot of them have baby weight issues.’

’Evans says: ‘I think being a single mum plays a big part in how other women act towards me. Some women obviously see me as a threat to their husbands.’

Evans says confidence makes women sexy. ‘There is a big difference between a confident woman and one who swans about saying: “I’m so beautiful,”’ she says.


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