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Female | Bakersfield, CA   United States
Teen Baked Cupcakes For The Bullies, Then Told Them The Secret Ingredients
Bullying Type: Emotional
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5/05/14 11:39 PM
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Every bullied teen fantasizes about how to get revenge on the bullies. Some teen bullying victims carry out their revenge in horrifying ways. But one teen girl in Bakersfield, California, came up with her own revenge scheme that didn’t hurt anyone, but was such a major gross-out that the local police were called in to investigate.

Ultimately, the Bakersfield cops decided that the revenge scheme by the bullied teen was nothing but a relatively harmless “high school prank.” But that won’t help the bullies who got a taste of, if not their own medicine, then something just as disgusting.

The bullied teen girl apparently decided to make nice with her tormenters — or at least appear to make nice — by baking them some delicious cupcakes, and bringing the baked goods into school. But it turns out, the cupcakes were not delicious at all.

The fellow students who sampled the cupcakes found that they tasted so terrible that they couldn’t take more than one bite — and that one, most of them spit out. When they asked the girl what was in the cupcakes that made them taste so bad, she gave them the answer that left them feeling sick.

She baked the cupcakes with various bodily excretions, she said. Among the secret ingredients: semen, pubic hair, and fecal matter.

One student reportedly ate an entire cupcake despite the foul flavor — though presumably before being informed of the alleged ingredient list — and missed the following day of school with severe stomach cramps and vomiting.

Police were called in to check out the semen-and-feces filled cupcake allegations. By the time they got there, the offending cupcakes had all been destroyed, so police were not able to run tests on the noxious baked items. But they interviewed witnesses and the girl who handed out the cupcakes.

The police concluded that the whole thing “can best be categorized as a high school prank,” the said, but added, “however the investigation is still on-going.”

The cops said that more than one student besides the initial bullied teen was involved in preparing the cupcakes, but that the ingredients did not include semen or any other bodily secretions. Instead, the repulsive taste was achieved by adding such ingredients as “mayonnaise, barbeque sauce and soy sauce.”

Police did not say, however, how consuming such standard, edible condiments, though unpleasant in a cupcake, would cause a student to come down with severe stomach distress and miss an entire day of school.

After consulting parents of the students who took bites of the cupcakes, police decided that no legal action would be brought against the bullied teen.

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