Karin Spraberry
Bullying Survivor
Male | Alvarado, TX   United States
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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5/02/14 5:52 PM
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To whom it may concern

On November 14, 2013, my son Jacob Cramer returned home from school with a busted lip and bruises all over his arms. He told me that after 6th period the aide that was with him left at the end of class. A boy named Brandon Turner asked Jacob and a boy named Michael Stanton to come into the locker room. When the boys went into the locker room, Brandon Turner threw Jacob against a locker and kept hitting him. Another boy was hitting Michael Stanton. After Brandon finished hitting Jacob and throwing him against the locker he threatened him. Brandon told Jacob that if he told anyone what happened that the next time would be worse. He also told Jacob that the principal liked him and that she would not do anything to him.

Jacob believed Brandon’s threat because he had told before and nothing happened to Brandon. A few weeks before the assault, Brandon pushed Jacob out of the bleachers. Jacob went to Mr. Groom, the Vice Principal, and told him what had happened. Mr. Groom told Jacob he would take care of it, but nothing ever happened to Brandon. Also, Mr. Groom failed to contact Jacob’s parents to make them aware that this incident had transpired.

After Jacob was assaulted, he went through 7th and 8th periods with a busted lip, in pain and scared of Brandon. He had no aide with him for the rest of the day and no one noticed his busted lip, which proves they were not protecting him or supervising him at all. Jacob said when the boys called him and Michael into the locker room, 6th period had just ended. He said the coaches had gone outside and the aide had left for the day. Jacob was left alone from 6th period until the end of the day without an aide.

When Jacob got off the bus that day, the first thing I asked him was why didn’t the school call me? My son’s girlfriend Jennifer Dopson, immediately got Jacob an ice pack for his mouth. Laura Norton who was also there was shocked that he was coming home from school with a busted lip and no one called to report he had been attacked. This assault did not happen on the bus. Upon further investigation we noticed he had bruises all over both arms.

Jacob said he would kill himself if I ever make him go back to school. On November 15, 2013, I called the school several times, leaving messages for the principal and vice principal with no response. I then called 911 to report the assault to the police. The 911 operators transferred me to the schools resource officer, Mr. Woolsey. I told Mr. Woolsey that Jacob had been assaulted the day before by a boy named Brandon Turner and as a result of this attack, he had a busted lip and bruises. I told Mr. Woolsey that the assault happened at the conclusion of 6th period in the locker room. Within 30 or so minutes Mr. Woolsey called me back to inform me that they watched the video from the gym and spoke with Mr. Payne, the aide, and the coaches, and Michael Stanton and no one believed Jacob had been assaulted. He in turn said the case was closed because there was no evidence of an assault.

Jacob went to school on the morning of November 14, 2013, with no injuries. The assault happened at the end of 6th period in the locker room which does not have cameras. The coaches had gone outside to their next class and the aide had left for the day. Jacob was left alone. Michael Stanton was scared to talk, because Brandon Turner threatened him too. I asked Mr. Woolsey how he could close the case without even talking to Jacob or seeing his injuries. I asked him if I could bring Jacob up to the school to talk to him and see his injuries. He said no, because they were leaving at 1:00 that day and our claims were unfounded. I told him that he has not seen all the evidence. Jacob did not go to school with a busted lip and bruises. My son was assaulted at school and they needed to address it. I found it interesting that his investigation did not include them talking to Brandon Turner the boy that assaulted Jacob. After he hung up with me, I again called 911. The operator in turn told me “Mrs. West, Mr. Woolsey has done his investigation and found no signs of assault. I told her I wanted to press formal charges against the school and the boy that assaulted him. She said I would have to talk to Woolsey’s supervisor and he would have to determine if charges could be filed on this. I was in disbelief; I thought you could file charges no matter what if your child was assaulted? I felt defeated and felt there was no justice.

A couple of days later I decide to take Jacob up to the Sheriff’s office in person and let him tell detectives what had happen and have his injuries documented. I took a friend with me as a witness and insisted on reporting an assault. They finally agreed to take our statement and we spoke with Detective G.E. Bennett. Jacob was confident and very detailed about what happened to him. They took pictures of his injuries and even tried to stump Jake up by asking him if he had asked the boy to hit him? Jacob looked at them like they were crazy and said, “Why would I want someone to hit me?” They also asked Jacob if this was the first time he had been hit and he said, No!” I looked at him and said, “Jacob, why didn’t you tell me?” “The detective looked at Jacob and said, “You knew your mom would get really upset huh?” Jacob replied, “ Yes!”

The detective agreed that Jacob was assaulted at school and asked if we wanted to file charges. I told them that we did indeed want to file charges. Detective Bennett then told me that it would be felony assault charges due to the fact that Jacob is disabled. I hesitated, because I did not want the other boy to have a felony that would follow him for the rest of his life. But there had to be consequences for what he had done, or he would think it was all right to hurt people. I filed our complaint, we were given a case # 13006398 and we left. We felt optimistic that the situation would be handled and that Jacob would be able to return to school.

Detective Bennett contacted me after Thanksgiving to give me an update on the investigation. He told me that he has not spoke to Brandon Turner at all yet! He said he could not talk to Brandon because Brandon’s family has retained a lawyer? I asked how they knew to get a lawyer and he said he did not know.
I believe that someone advised them to get a lawyer and it appears the school is helping to protect the boy who assaulted my son. I was very angry when he told me that and he said he said the school was cooperating with his investigation. I in turn sent him Facebook messages between my son and other kids from the school, which clearly prove the assault, happened at school. I also sent him paperwork showing Jacob’s disability and current psychological evaluation from Cooks Childrens Hospital in Fort Worth which documented how harmful bullying was to Jacob!

I have received threats to stop pursuing this, my son is getting behind in school, my son is being punished and he is the victim.

Another statement of threats and bullying that has occurred since the assault to follow.

Sincerely Karin Spraberry


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Posted By: KarinspraberrywestUser Verified | 5/02/14 6:20 PM
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