Brandon Boudloche
Bullying Survivor
Male | Houma, LA   United States
Bullies--Faded Memories
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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4/29/14 9:55 AM
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I was always the smart, lanky kid; I still am. I used to be the one who was “The Teacher’s Pet.” I was the one that knew all of the answers. I was at the top of most of my classes. I had always thought that was a good thing…they did not seem to think so.

I started getting bullied in the seventh grade, mostly verbally and mentally. They verbally abused me every single day, all the time. Every time they saw me it was as if they had a primal instinct to be rude to me. It was as if they could not save themselves from their own stupidity. It got even worse in the eighth grade. They started to verbally abuse me constantly and consistently. The pain was unbearable. Then just when I thought things could not get any worse, it got far worse. They started hitting me. They would tell me something rude and then smack me on the back of the head or punch me in my stomach. One day in gym class, one if them picked me up about three feet off of the ground and pinned me by my neck to the wall. Then another day, I was jogging in gym class when someone decided to stick their foot out and trip me. I ended up blacking out, could not hear correctly, and more than likely had a concussion as well from that. They continued to physically, mentally, and verbally abuse me for months. It got so bad that at times I would go in my bedroom, close the door, put on my headphones to drown out all of the noise…and cry. It got so bad at one point that there was only one way I could think of that would get them to stop. I constantly contemplated suicide throughout all of this. Every time I thought about it there was only one single thing that stopped me from going through with it. I thought of who I would hurt the most if I did, the things that was stopped me were the thoughts of my father, my mother, and my little brother.

I never even tried, if they had not loved me as much as they did, then, well, I would not be here to tell you this. I had plenty of opportunities, but when I thought of them all of my pain seemed to go away. I even ended up transferring schools about half way through the year to a private school, it was a lot better; but it was too expensive for me to stay there. So I ended up going to ninth grade at my old school. Ninth grade was a good bit better, the physical abuse had stopped, but the verbal and mental abuse had continued to a lesser extent than before. The bullying had almost stopped completely, by the time I started the tenth grade. My eleventh grade year was a whole lot better; I had fun and had started to ignore all of their snide remarks and idiotic humor. Twelfth grade was when I heard the song “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown. That was a big turning point in my life. I stopped ignoring them, I started to talk up and defend myself. In few words, I snapped. Every time they told me something rude either to, or about me, I got mad and told them to shut up. That helped a great deal, they started slowly and gradually stopped bullying me. Words that I find describe it bet are from the song “Never enough” by Five Finger Death Punch. They are as follows: “It's all so messed up and no one ever listens. Everyone's deranged I'm just so…up and I'm never gonna change. I wanna lay it all to waste. They're always say this, say that, nothing that you want to. I don't wanna live that way. (No!) Every chance they get they're always shoving me aside. It's never enough, no, it's never enough. No matter what I say, it's never enough, no, it's never enough. I'll never be what you want me to be. I'M DONE! In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete, drawn only to be washed away. For the time that I've been given,
I am what I am.” That is how I feel now and I always feel “I'd rather hate you for everything you are, than ever love you for something you are not. I'd rather you hate me for everything I am than have you love me for something that I can't.”(same song)

What I learned from all of this is that no matter what “they” say and no matter what happens, always be you. Never pretend to be someone you are not. By doing that, no matter what life throws at you will know that you are you and are very special and unlike everyone else. I have made a lot of good friends lately, almost all with a troublesome past as well. All of this has also taught me what good and true friends really are. They are the ones who stick by you no matter what may happen. I now know that all of “my bullies” will in the future be only faded memories and little dots in the universe of my life.

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Name: Brandon Boudloche
Age: 24
Twitter: Twitter @D3M0N5P4WN
Country: United States
Location: Houma, LA
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
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Relationship Status: Single
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Hair Color: Brown
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