Joanne Hull
Bullying Survivor
Female | Warwick, England   United Kingdom
Changed schools to escape bullying
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Willing
4/28/14 11:49 PM
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Joanne Hull is one of the most trusted & respected animal psychic’s in the world. Author of THE PET PSYCHIC & PUPPY TALES. Experienced animal professional Joanne shares her life in Warwickshire with several dogs, cats and two horses. Her appearances on TV shows such as the Wright Stuff, Live with Gabby, This Morning & many more.

It was clear to the other children at my school that I was slightly different from them. When they played outside on their bikes, I just wanted to play with the animals. … Inevitably, things came to a head, though it happened in a strange way. I had been playing with a girl I’d thought I was good friends with when, without warning, she turned on me. … She was the natural leader of our group of friends, so the others just followed her. She gave me a nasty, spiteful nickname which the other girls picked on to, leaving me feeling hurt and alone. I was bullied from the moment of entering the school gates in the morning to walking home at the end of the day. … There was nothing I could do to stop this girl and her friends bullying me. … My parents and teachers became increasingly desperate as they tried to work out how to solve a crisis that was becoming more serious day by day.… Eventually it was determined that I should move schools. … I was relieved and scared at the same time, but excited to start afresh.

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