Maggie D
Bullying Survivor
Female | Richmond, VA   United States
Why do I hate myself? Why?
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: M4ggie
4/25/14 7:09 PM
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My story starts in kindergarten. I was always known as the ugliest kid in school. I had only one friend, who I barely played with. This group of girls came up to me everyday and pushed me to the ground (I didn't understand why they did until 2nd grade) and kicked me in the rib cage; and oh did it hurt. I had to go to the hospital after they repetitively did that after 2 months. Then comes 1st grade, the same thing happened. Second grade, this new girl (popular new girl) moved to the school. She seemed really nice at first, until she punched me, in the face. The worst part was, when I told the teacher, the teacher DIDNT CARE. The girl's mom was a teacher there, so my teacher was friends with her mom. Third grade was finally normal. I had some friends, nice ones. FOURTH GRADE WAS HORRIBLE. I had no friends, I sat down in the same spot every day at recess, and I got excluded from everything. In fifth grade, I got depression. I had this obsessive collection of RUSS trolls. All the kids would call me "grandma loner the troll collector" because I was going to get old and die alone, with only the trolls by my side. That summer, I would stay inside my room, I wore the same clothes, and went anorexic. Why do I hate myself? Why why why? Then came sixth grade, I was finally over the bullying. I had a boyfriend and a group of friends. Idk if my life could get any better. Then one day, my bf broke up with me. He said(and I quote) "go die in a hole you UGLY bitch, NO ONE WOULD EVEN NOTICE!" Those words..... Broke me...... I committed suicide that night but failed. Turns out, you can't hang yourself with a polyester shirt, it'll rip. The next day, this boy came up to me in PE, he said hello! I mean.... The entire school thought that I was ugly (my bf told them to , he was really popular) and still, this guy came up to me. Turns out, he became my best friend in seventh grade. I tell him about all this stuff, I think he likes me! He went through the same things as I did. He compliments me every day, saying stuff like "you're beautiful" and "no one could ever be better than you." To this day, he still helps. To this day, I still get bullied. To this day, I try to commit suicide or try and self harm. Why do I hate myself? Why?

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