Anthony Griffith
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied at new school
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: AllCourage
4/21/14 2:47 AM
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Anthony Griffith is an American comedian, actor, and philanthropist. He was born to a religious family in Chicago, Illinois, where he lived until he went to college in the 1980s. While in college he took up stand up comedy, where he performed wherever he could get a spot, including comedy clubs, colleges, restaurants, hotels, strip clubs, etc. “I performed anywhere and everywhere, in the hopes of learning and mastering the craft.” In the nineties he appeared on programs such as Ed McMahon’s, “Star Search”, “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, “HBO” and “Showtime”. Since then he has had over twenty-five national comedy television appearances, including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “HBO”, “Comedy Central” as well as others. This decade has continued with performances on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

As an actor, he has had a number of roles, such as “Tales from the Hood”, Mario Van Peebles' “Panther”, “The Curve” and the television drama “Our Father”, as well as a number of others. He received an Emmy for his performance in "Our Father".

In 2003 he participated in "Moth Stories", an acclaimed nonprofit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. To an audience, recorded, and later put on YouTube and used as a radio broadcast, Anthony shared a heartbreaking story about the death of his daughter in 1990.

In more recent years, he became a part of the “Apostles of Comedy” tour, which visits churches throughout the country to perform comedy shorts that he has written and produced. He is joined in this project by fellow comedians Brad Stine and Ron Pearson, and Jeff Allen who is also originally from Chicago.

I’m a product of the busing programs of the seventies. A program where uunder privledge kids, of which I was one, was chosen to be bused to an affluent school to participate in their academia, in hopes of becoming a more cultured, well rounded citizen. The bussing program in my neighboohood was a sucess story… on paper. In reality, it was doomed from the start. First of all, our bussing program didn’t have a bus. Hello! How can you call it a busing program without a bus. Even at nine, I found this odd to put it mildly, the white elephant in the room, the emporer has no clothes so to speak.

So once a week my classmates and I would walk the two miles, to our academic nirvana for a doze of enlightened culture. Over time the number of classmates that participated in our busing progrom, scratch that, our walking program , dwindlded down to one student…ME. I was given french to study although I had know idea if french was a person, place or thing, but, again I was told it would make me well rounded and I should be thankful for the opprtunity. It was a privilege.In my weekly walks through the neighborhood I was accosted, robbed, bullied, propisitioned and watched in delight, confusion and sometime shock as women of ill repute and their johns displayed their own interpretations of the birds and the bees.I never learned French. If I did, I didn’t retain any. After all, there was no one to practice my new coltured language. My parents didn’t speak French, my friends didn’t, no one in my home school spoke it, in fact no one even ate croissants! My neighborhood was strictly a toasted, white bread with jelly people! And just like that the Kumbiya busing experiment was over, never to be talked about again. It’s like society had called a Mulligan, a do over. The powers that be had declared an anallment on helping underprivillage kids and no told me.,cleancomedy/bullied/

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Posted By: BobSmoot | 4/21/14 11:24 AM
Busing really does on paper sound like such a great thing but it comes with a lot of problems that the administration does not prepare their faculty for. Just people at the top patting themselves on the back.
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