Devyn Rush
Bullying Survivor
Female | Philadelphia, PA   United States
Bullied in junior high
Bullying Type: Emotional
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4/18/14 11:31 AM
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Since being featured on American Idol and winning the hearts of viewers from all over the world, Devyn Rush has emerged as a powerhouse singer whose versatile and sultry vocals breathe spirituality, color, and depth into her art. Rush’s music is an extremely unique mix of raw, gritty soul and theatrical purity. Her fearless passion for music and deep desire to see every child safe and in a bully-free environment, can be felt during every live performance and every recording you listen to.

Devyn grew up in a small, artistic town on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania in a house filled with music. She comes from a musical family, and every nook and cranny of her home exuded music. When she was 15, Devyn originated the role of Anna in the 2007 Tony Award-winning musical, Spring Awakening, performing in the healred Allen Room at Lincoln Center. After graduating high school, she didn’t skip a beat but moved right to New York City to continue her performing career. She soon dove deeply into her passion for song-writing and has since become a prominent asset to the song-writing community.

Devyn Rush is the national spokesperson for the bully prevention organization, Hey U.G.L.Y. (Unique.Gifted.Lovable.You.), through which she sings her original songs and speaks at schools all over the United States, building emotional awareness and self-love in the students and helping them to become part of the solution to the national epidemic of bullying.

It was back in middle school that the now-24-year-old native Philadelphian first experienced the barbed-wire bashing she still vividly recalls.

Too skinny ... too awkward, too — out there.

“I always was made to feel like an outsider,” she says of her days at Baldi Middle School. “I never fit in.”

These days, she fits into a cover-girl image — if that’s what she wants. But this former “American Idol” golden-ticket holder — she made it to Hollywood in Season 10, — is more interested in what goes on undercover: beneath the wraps people cloak themselves in to protect against criticism and to brave the brutality of the outside world.

She is finally able to let go, says Rush, of the urgent need she has always felt but has not ceded to: to express her outrage at the way bullies have built a base of sadistic strength in this nation overpowering their victims.

Her own feelings of power are all wrapped up in her taking up yoga, she says, an art/athletic pursuit she has so mastered the past two years that she is a certified instructor in it. It was yoga, she says, that helped her reclaim her own sense of self years after she moved with her family from Philly to New Hope and left the bullying at Baldi behind.

The bullying didn’t stop in the ’burbs, but she had new hope in her new home and, later, the new love of expression through yoga. And there had always been the muse of music. As a teen in 2005, she landed the lead of Anna in the Lincoln Center production of “Spring Awakening,” a role she understudied two years later on Broadway.

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