Christian Finnegan
Bullying Survivor
Male | Queens Village, NY   United States
Bullied to tears
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: BrighterDays
4/10/14 11:48 PM
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Christian Finnegan is a stand up comedian who is perhaps best known as one of the original panelists on VH1’s “Best Week Ever” and as Chad, the only white roommate in the infamous “Mad Real World” sketch of “Chappelle’s Show”. He can currently be seen on the TBS sitcom “Are We There Yet?” and will appear Spring 2014 on VH1's "I Love the 2000's".

Over the past decade, Christian has been a fixture on Comedy Central, having starred in his own one hour stand up special “Au Contraire!”, as well as “Comedy Central Presents”, “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” and countless network interstitials. He’s also appeared on “Conan”, “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, “Good Afternoon America” and “The Today Show”.

Christian’s new album, "The Fun Part" is available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon as of April 15, 2014. His two previous albums, “Two for Flinching” and “Au Contraire!”, are also available on iTunes and at Amazon.

Christian also hosts "Audio Spackle", a tune-centric podcast featuring comedians, rock critics and musicians. It can be found on iTunes or at

"Yes I was bullied, the various two-for-flinching type things and I’m sure I’ve gotten a wedgie or two in my life. It was more of a general disdain for being one of the drama “F***.” Halfway through high school, I transferred to a performing arts school, which was a refuge for prodigies and F***-ups. A lot of kids were bullied at their schools, so I went from the typical Heathers, “what’s up geek” sort of jock high school to a school where not being bisexual made you an outcast.There was one time where I’d come back for Thanksgiving and I was standing at the deli when this guy in one of those massive trucks that are jacked up on big wheels starts honking his horn, taunting me to come outside, and just mouthing, F**** you,” about a thousand times. When I came out, he started threatening to fight me. It was one of those things where you have to learn how to take abuse and give that snarky smiles that says, “You’re not hurting my feelings,” but you can’t actually fight back ’cause then you’d be “starting something.”It was someone I grew up with who hadn’t seen me for a while and was just thrilled to see me after I came home.

"The thing with me was I was bigger than the other kids. No one could have picked me up because I was sort of the chubby kid. I was a bully’s wet dream because I was a fat kid who cried a lot. All of the little kids with Napoleon complexes could get all up in my face and I’d start bawling."

"I grew up outside of Boston and I when I played the Comedy Connection in Boston last year a bunch of people came out and I went off on Mike Norton(childhood bully) at length because I was hoping people knew him and a few people came up and said that they knew his family. I was happy about that.Some of the people I was friendly with, others I was not friendly with at all. I think it was awkward for them because they thought, “It’s all water under the bridge. We’re all friends now.” Not in my book. It might have been tense for them hearing me go off about these scars that haven’t fully healed."

"Here’s the thing: I’m extremely brave in my words when I’m on stage. I’m my boldest when I’m on stage. I’m not very confrontational and get very uncomfortable around any displays of maleness. If I’m on stage and saw him in the audience, I’d have a great time with it. If he came up to me afterward it’d be incredibly awkward."

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Posted By: NYmom | 4/14/14 12:05 PM
OMG when he said wedgie it made me cringe. I hate it when people do that to you! So humiliating to have that done to you in front of your classmates
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