Diego Arnary
Bullying Survivor
Male | Mexico   Mexico
Bullied for his weight
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: BigBold
4/07/14 9:25 AM
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Diego Arnary AKA Diego Narváez Rincón was born in Bogotá. The youngest of four siblings, he attended a private Catholic school. Narváez immigrated to Sydney, Australia, when he was twenty four. He attended the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and Actor Centre Australia. He also continued his acting studies in Miami, Florida and Mexico City, Mexico. Narváez worked in Colombia in 2004 on the day time soap opera, “Padres e Hijos”, broadcast by Canal Caracol. He later appeared in the comedy show, “Casados con Hijos”, produced and broadcast by Sony Entertainment and Canal Caracol. Narváez appeared in the Colombian Telenovela, “Por Amor”, produced by Telecolombia in conjunction with Univision in 2006. He participated in “La Diosa Coronada” and “Los Herederos del Monte”, both produced and broadcast by Telemundo International.

In 2012, he worked in the Televisa series, “Como Dice el Dicho” and “La Rosa de Guadalupe”.While living in Australia, Narváez worked as a model for EMG Model Agency. In 2008, he worked with American-Haitian singer, Wyclef Jean, in the opening show of the MTV Awards Australia.Later in 2008, he appeared in an Australian reality show, “The Chopping Block”, which aired on the Nine Network and was produced by Granada Productions.
In 2010, Narváez starred in Dianna Corcoran’s music video, “Wrong Girl”. The song was number one in the Australian Country Music Charts for five consecutive weeks. At the end of the year, he also starred in the music video “Houdourah”, sung by the Lebanese Pop Star, Darine Hadchiti, which was aired in all Arab countries in 2011. The same year, Narváez worked in a film clip with UK’s celebrity DJ, Jodie Harsh, while living in London.
In May 2012, Narváez moved to Mexico City, modeling with Contempo International Model Management and also carried on studies at CEA, Televisa’s Educational Centre for its actors.
From being obese and bullied, to becoming one of Colombia's most beautiful men, Diego has held on to his dreams and promise of making something of himself someday. The once chubby and picked-on kid, is now a drop dead gorgeous model and television star. "You wouldn’t believe it now but back then, I had lots of bullies calling me names, making fun of my weight, the way I spoke and the things I liked at the time".

"I was badly bullied by my classmates, some neighbors and some family members. I suffered from eating disorders that caused obesity, and that was the biggest part of my problem. I must say, it was painful but my decision was to swallow the pain quietly, and instead getting back to the people who hurt me, I decided to change things I didn't like about myself. I must admit it has been a long interesting journey, with ups and downs like everything in life. But to get where I am, determination, drive, discipline, and hard work have been the clue to achieve the goals I always wanted to. I do not resent anyone because as I said “thanks to the way they treated me” look at me now. "


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Posted By: Auzzie | 4/07/14 3:14 PM
The number of kids that have eating disorders in America are staggering.
He changed his life around from the bullying but some kids break under the pressure and suffer for it.
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