Tobi R.
Bullying Survivor
Male | Spokane, WA   United States
Left Out
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Tobyrrr00User Verified
4/04/14 10:48 PM
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Well where to begin, I used in a small Town in Germany before i moved to the US, and i was the only one who was like sorta Russian (complicated) and yeah it basically began right when i got to Kindergarten i used to always be bullied. Back then it was only Physical but most of the people who actually bullied me, and since it was a small town everyone knew everyone, except me duh. so they all started bullying me but. I'm skinnier and a little shorter than average so they always picked on me.... dun dun dun
Part two
then elemnary school came and thats where the real suffer started. well for some reason i was always stronger (a little braggy but true) than so whenever someone bullied me THEY ended up with a bloody nose or something so they would run up to the teacher and tell them that i just for nothing beat them up (which was a total lie) and the teachers would believe them cause you know they were the ones that were hurt. So that was the case all through elemtary school (just thinking out loud here but would't you learn from your mistakes cause they ALWAYS picked on me and i cant remember a time where i was the one who would get hurt; i mean common sense would stop you right?whatever........)
so then middle/highschool (there all the school go from 5-10th grade) so lets call it middle school. i thought it would be different cause you know new school new people. but it still continued (at least the 8-10th graders left me alone casue my cousin used to go to that school and all the otler kids knew him and he was super cool and so they were like woooooow ur Viktors cousin you must be awesome) but still i got picked on a lot and thats where it started to be emotional too cause my best friend had to go to another school and he wasnt even there anymore....... it sucked. i had this group but i was always the one who got made fun of so i was just jumping around one group to another until they started making fun of me... and since it was a small town there werent many "cliques". so i ended up with two bff girls. who werer actually pretty darn awesome and but you know back then i was all getting into puperty and made everything just akward. so that went to waste..... well and thats how it was for another 2 years. and as the years went by even the guys from like a grade or two above started making fun of. but i was able to beat a couple of them up cause by now people had more bains and learned form thier mistakes and they would stop but still the really big kids would still bully me.... so that is basically it i was bullied from k-6/7. casue when i moved to the U.S. people acutally liked me cause cmon i was the only German dude around (by the way if didnt get bored yet you can check out little history about the whole complicated Russian thing). no im pretty popular probabely cause I have more self comfidence and think about my self higher. And by the way you know what was stupit. I am pretty darn Athletic (like super im always top in like class at least) and i was always chosen last with everything.
Well here is the History:
Lets make it short my super ancestors moved from germany to Russia during the reign of Catherine the great (i think she also the II) to build up Russia during like the 1400 hundreds. But all the germans still lived in "special" towns (so im pretty clean German in my blood) well so then like i think when my dad and mom came to germany they were pretty much 100% german still.. but because they lived in russia they have like this russianess which is kinda true (sometimes)... so thats what the whole sorta russian is about. and if you sitll dont get it germans dont like Russians and Russians dont like Germans because of the war

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Posted By: Auzzie | 4/07/14 2:56 PM
Have you gotten any trouble from bullies in high school for being German?
Posted By: Tobyrrr00User Verified | 4/07/14 9:02 PM
nope im in private school now but, but no when i went to Public my first year people loved (was something new to me, i was really akward for the first couple weeks) i mean some people made hitler jokes but i am used to way worse. now church was a different. when i came there was this guy that everyone was following around, and i dont do that kind of thing (another reason people didnt like me) so he bullied me and my little brother for a while but i took care of that. now he always wants to wrestle me which i suck so ill give him that... but yeah its fine now that he knows that he is better off just being friends with me
Posted By: NYmom | 4/14/14 11:52 AM
All these years since I have been in school and they are still teasing kids with German heritage about Hitler. At my school there was a boy name Chris Mueller and because he was blonde with blue eyes kids would say he was Hitler youth or SS and even wrote swastikas on his school pictures. I saw what he went through and he was born in America so I could only imagine how people treated you. Im glad to hear you are in a private school now receiving a privileged education, you deserve it.
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