Alissa Monroe
Bullying Survivor
Female | Effingham, IL   United States
Feeling like your always gonna be alone..
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: AlissaMonroe
4/04/14 11:24 AM
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Well..It started in Junior High..The first year was Ok ..then the second year got bad..I changed all my friends and changed everything about me..and that's when it started...I got judged.. I started cutting and my depression started.I got through that year...then the 3rd year was even worse..Everyday i got told to kill myself and got told i would be better off dead.. I got told that so much that i was honestly believing it..Every Night i would think how the world would be if i was dead... I hated school so much..but i made it through that year..but then High School Started..I couldn't handle it that time i was all cut up..literally..I had so many fake friends but i had one best friend She has always been there for me..I quit school because it got so bad..i dropped out because every day i got told to die and kill myself and i couldn't handle it anymore..every morning i would pray i didn't wake up it was so bad i wouldn't want anyone going through what i did...Then my boyfriend...Started being a ***hole he was into drugs and he promised me he would stay by me through it all..But he left as well for who i thought was my best friend...I lost everyone.. Nobody stayed by my side through it all i honestly thought i was gonna die..It was the worst feeling knowing that nobody is there for you..Until i met Monica who is now my best friend I've changed everything..But i'm still trying to get through it..People think ive gotten myself taken care of well i don't.. i still get messages telling me to die..but i relized the people who were my so called friends weren't really i don't let them get to me..

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Posted By: Auzzie | 4/07/14 3:09 PM
You dont want to die Alissa then you will never get your chance to see how wonderful things can be when you graduate and leave all of that nonsense behind. I was bullied and beat up and thought it would never end but after I got my diploma I havent seen or heard from them ever again.
Posted By: AlissaMonroe | 4/08/14 5:23 PM
I refuse to go back to school i cant take it..It got soo bad..
Posted By: NYmom | 4/14/14 11:55 AM
Im so sorry to hear that you left school Alissa, are you doing home schooling now or are you going to try another school in your district? I hope you dont let the fake people in school keep you from getting your diploma. You have so much in life to look forward to, believe me.
Posted By: AlissaMonroe | 4/14/14 3:48 PM
I dont know im doing online classes i just couldnt handle it anymore..
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Name: Alissa Monroe
Age: 23
Country: United States
Location: Effingham, IL
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
University: N/A
Ethnicity: N/A
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: N/A
Tattoos: Yes

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