Chloe Payne
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Burleigh, Queensland   Australia
Bullied 7yr old girl left school-less as mother fights for Education Dept to act
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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4/04/14 12:11 AM
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When Chloe Payne was repeatedly spat on in the playground, the seven-year-old went straight to her teacher for help.

Her teacher told her just to wash the spit off.

Her mum Jenni was shocked and complained to the teacher and deputy principal.

“I went and asked her what was happening but all she said to me was ‘He said he didn’t mean it’ and nothing else was done about it.”

Later that week, the Burleigh Heads State School student woke up screaming from a nightmare, then revealed to her mother she’d been locked in the toilets that day.

Chloe was found crying in the toilets, unaware her captors had stopped holding the door shut.

Again Jenni went to the school, enraged that she wasn’t contacted about the incident.

“It was the same story — nothing was done about it,” she said.

“We do understand that we don’t know who did it ... but it wasn’t brought to anyone’s attention that this incident happened and that it wouldn’t be tolerated.”

For Chloe, the nightmares continued.

“Unfortunately, in Chloe’s instance the nightmares got worse and she wouldn’t shut the toilet door and we were having frequent accidents, so we pulled her out of school to try and get on top of those issues.”

After six weeks off school the nightmares had stopped and Jenni felt Chloe was ready to go back.

“She was happy to be with her friends and play but she wouldn’t go on the playground because she was scared something would happen, and she also had trouble with going to the bathroom,” said Jenni.

After the first day back the nightmares started again and Jenni decided it was time to change schools.

“The night she was home the nightmares were even worse, I slept on her floor as every time I went to bed she would wake up screaming again.”

”It just wasn’t an answer for me to send her back to whatever was terrifying her.”

For Jenni, who is vision impaired, the next best option was Varsity College as she could walk Chloe there without crossing major roads.

But the application was rejected because the family live one street out of the enrolment zone.

The closest school to the family is Caningeraba State School but Jenni said it was too difficult crossing busy Bermuda Street. For the last two weeks Jenni’s been calling the Education Department to leave messages, but says they don’t want to listen.

“In a couple of months I’ll have no sight left whatsoever so even though I do have a guide dog and he’s very good, crossing roads like that without anyone with you is not ideal in any sense.”

Previously Jenni was able to catch a bus to Burleigh Heads State School.

“I’ve been doing it so long I’ve gotten to know the bus drivers and they will stop for me because I can’t read what the bus numbers are.”

Now Chloe has only been in school for about a week this term and desperately wants to go to school.

“We’re looking at distance education but that’s not ideal because I spend most of my time with Chloe but I can’t read anything she’s doing, so I don’t know whether she’s doing it right or getting it wrong.”

“All she wants to do is go to school and play with kids her own age.”

Varsity College executive principal Jeff Davis said the family lived in the management zone for Caningeraba State School.

“If she approaches Caningeraba and they refuse her I’m very happy to take her but there is a process, so we follow the Education Department process.”

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