Charlie King
Bullying Survivor
Male | Chelmsford, England   United Kingdom
Was a target for bullies
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Objective
4/03/14 11:41 PM
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Charlie King is known for being on the UK hit tv series The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE),Not only was he badly bullied at school, he also battled crippling OCD and suffered from a depression that almost destroyed his life.

'Secondary school was pretty horrendous for me because I was horribly bullied and targeted by this guy,''In the end I had to move to another school. But I was a shadow of myself.'I hung around with a camp guy and everyone started calling me gay. 'It upset me, but I didn't care because he was my friend. I started getting my attitude of: "What does someone's sexuality matter?" 'Luckily, when I was 16, I studied drama and I finally gained confidence.'

It was mainly verbal and emotional bullying but I occasionally experienced physical bullying. I have always been very much an individual and as a kid I tended to keep myself to myself, which in a way made me an easy target. I was quite vulnerable and found that once one bully had bullied me, word would spread and it just continued from that really. My best friend at school was also gay and it was almost like I became “guilty by association” and I did experience homophobia at the time. I stood by my friend no matter what and in fact, he’s still a great friend now.

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Posted By: Auzzie | 4/07/14 3:18 PM
Love his hair!
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