Nobody Cares
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Sydney, New South Wales   Australia
I don't know what to do?
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: nobody
4/01/14 3:42 AM
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I go to a selective school and so do my friends from the opportunity class, it was great at first, I didn't have to worry about having no friends or being classed as a 'loser'. One of my friends made friends with a girl, let's just call her 'L', she hated me. She still does, we sit on a wall at school and she pushes me off so she can get a spot and calls me ugly and criticises everything I do, and my parents have been fighting lately and I don't feel like doing anything anymore. I don't know what I should do. 'L' is accusing me of being a 'anorexic freak because I'm skinny, but she doesn't know that I eat to make myself feel better. Someone tell me what to do.

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Posted By: Kentucky | 4/03/14 11:46 AM
have one of your friend take video with a phone of L pushing you then show it to the teacher
Posted By: Auzzie | 4/07/14 3:10 PM
If the bullying has turned physical you need to tell your parents or a teacher so it can be stopped
Posted By: NYmom | 4/14/14 11:59 AM
I am in my 40s and I still am an emotional eater only because I didnt face my problems head on when I was your age. It seemed to difficult when I was younger to confront my bullies but now that its in my past the thing I wish I did the most was defend myself to them. Dont do it when there are other people around because they will try to be mean or funny. Get them in private and you tell them that they are making you very upset and if they would just leave you alone you will leave them alone too. Something is better than nothing, please try.
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