Taylor Davis
Bullying Survivor
Female | Western Springs, IL   United States
Bullied for playing violin
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: GoodCompany
3/31/14 12:05 AM
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Taylor Davis is an American violinist, arranger, and composer best known for her covers of music from video games featured on her YouTube channel ViolinTay. She also features performances of her own arrangements of music from films and musicals and has begun releasing original music.

During 2012 Davis released two albums and an assortment of singles. The first album, Gaming Fantasy, features tunes from various video games arranged by Davis for violin. Six months later An Enchanted Christmas was released. Game On: 2 Player mode, a collaboration with pianist Lara de Wit (lara6683 on YouTube), was released in January 2013. With the help of a midi keyboard and computer software Davis created all of the orchestral backtracks for these works.More recently, Legendary Movie Music was released in July 2013 and Melodies of Hyrule in November 2013. These were arranged and orchestrated in collaboration with composer Adam Gubman.

Taylor Davis who was labeled a 'loser' at her Illinois school, disregarded as an outcast for her love of video games and violin, has finally proven her bullies wrong.Davis refused to let the bullying crush her passion, instead she took her video game-themed music to her own YouTube channel and has quickly amassed a huge following. 'It's kind of hard to believe that the very thing I used to get bullied for back when I was younger is now something that so many different people from all over the world share a love in with me, and now I receive support for it in an overwhelmingly positive way. I'm living proof that if you just follow what you're passionate about in life and ignore the negative people who try and bring you down, you can create something really meaningful for yourself and others to enjoy."


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Posted By: Heyyahh | 3/31/14 1:23 PM
That proves once again that the kids who bully you about your talents are usually jealous of the attention you are getting
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