Neil Grove
Bullying Survivor
Male | London, England   United Kingdom
Bullied at several schools
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Remarkable
3/25/14 2:22 AM
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Hi, my name is Neil Grove AKA Neil “GOLIATH” Grove; I am a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter holding 2 heavy weight British titles. I have 12 years of Traditional Martial Arts training and a Black Belt in Goju Ruy Karate, 4 years of Muay Thai training combined with being a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist and MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach, my experience gives me the ability to apply my knowledge and skills to create training programmes to suit everyone from the beginner to the elite athlete! I know and understand what is required to succeed from every aspect.

I suppose it all started in kindergarten… crèche or pre-school as some would call it!

I was born in South Africa, and contrary to the belief that most South African white people are/ were racists, i was brought up not knowing the difference between black/ brown/ yellow and green people. However, what i did know, was that as an Afrikaans kid, we didn’t get along with the English speaking kids…

At 3 yrs old, my mother sent me to an English crèche. There i was bullied and my lunch was stolen everyday. Not to eat, as peanut butter and jam sandwiches was more popular with Afrikaans kids! What i can remember, is that i got hurt one day, and ended up hiding most break times in an old garage which had old tires in it.

I loved school. Went to 8 schools and made friends everywhere, but not before the bullies of the school had a ‘pop’ first at the new kid. At first i got hit, cried and then left alone. Just as i was accepted, we moved again, and the ‘popping’ continued. The first few times, it was hard. One day i decided to retaliate. I got sick of being picked on. I only got beaten harder, but I felt better for trying to stand up for myself. I still cried though. When i was in my final few years of school i started winning the bouts. I never started them though, but was happy to oblige when someone thought they could have a ‘pop’ at the new boy. Then they started bringing their older brothers from out of school to fight their fights for them…

I started playing rugby from a young age. That too helped with toughening me up. At school and college, if a fight broke out on the field, i got stuck in.

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Posted By: Heyyahh | 3/31/14 1:57 PM
Imagine how school must have been for him if he started getting bullied in kindergarten
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