Joe Riggs
Bullying Survivor
Male | Phoenix, AZ   United States
Once bullied now a protector
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: MuItiply
3/20/14 1:25 AM
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Joseph Jonathan Riggs is an American mixed martial arts fighter. Currently, Riggs fights as a Welterweight, after starting his career off as a Heavyweight, and has moved down one weight class as a time as his career has progressed. He earned the nickname "Diesel" primarily for his no-nonsense approach, and bruising style in the cage, punctuated by hard punches, and heavy kicks. Riggs is the former WEC Middleweight Champion, and has also fought for the UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator.

Joe took a young 11 year old boy Tristan under his wing because he was being bullied at school. Tristan said he’s been getting bullied since the fourth grade.“When Tristan first walked in here, he had a really low self-esteem,” Riggs said. “He wouldn’t look you in the eye.”

“He reminded me of when I was a kid so I took a liking to him right away,” Riggs was also bullied as a kid so when he found out about Tristan’s situation, he was ready to lend a helping hand in and out of the boxing ring.

“It builds a kid’s self-esteem to get in better shape and to be able to say, ‘I learned how to box and now I can box,’ not really to go beat people up,” Riggs said. “Now he has a lot more self-esteem. He seems a lot happier.”

Tristan couldn’t agree more.

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Posted By: Uplifter | 3/24/14 11:24 AM
Every adult should mentor a bullied child at one point
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