Rob Whiteford
Bullying Survivor
Male | Glasgow, Scotland   United Kingdom
Bullied since age of 6
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: MuItiply
3/20/14 12:45 AM
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Rob Whiteford is a Scottish featherweight fighter currently signed to the UFC. He trains out of Gripehouse Gym and Dinky Ninjas Fight Team in Glasgow, Scotland. He has previously fought for Vision FC and Supremacy FC and was able to pick up the featherweight belts in both promotions. Of his eleven professional wins, six have been finishes including five T/KOs.

There is a bigger picture overall with the Scotsman. Whiteford has always been the underdog. His life has a moral tale to it.

Like the original Robert The Bruce, Whiteford has followed the King of Scotland's famed observance of a spider spinning its web when hiding in a cave on Rathlin Island off the coast of Ireland…'if at first you don't succeed, try try try again'.

He is certainly testimony to that.

Life was tough for Whiteford, growing up. A different picture emerges when he revealed to me that he was placed in a children's boarding house at the age of 6. He was from a broken home. His mother couldn't cope with three children and wee Robert, the youngest, was sent to a children's home in Edinburgh.

He was soon in the thick of it, having to fend for himself. He was bullied, and there was a pecking order, and Whiteford never took a backward step against the bigger, more aggressive kids.

"I've been fighting ever since I can remember, really from the age of 6, fighting in the playground, fighting bullies, just standing up for myself," explains the Scotsman known as 'The Hammer'.

"It was a hostile environment. If you didn't stick up for yourself, you were in the s***. I had to stand up for myself; I didn't have a choice. My Mum and Dad split up, my Mum was a single parent with three kids, and it was too much for her. I was the youngest, so I had to go

"When I went into the home I was one of the youngest there, and there was not a lot I could do about the bullying that went on. But I was the first one involved when anyone was being bullied, once I was big enough. By the time I was one of the oldest, I'd wiped out the culture
of bullying."

Whiteford now wants to go back to his old school in Edinburgh, and into communities to talk to the children about how to succeed in life, that bullying is wrong, that standing up to bullies is right. "I think there is a clear message there, and I'd like to deliver it. I never
had the confidence in the past to talk about these things."

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Posted By: Uplifter | 3/24/14 11:26 AM
Giving back it so admirable!
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