Sergio Martinez
Bullying Survivor
Male | Oxnard, CA   United States
Bullied at gunpoint
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: HarmIess
3/18/14 11:35 PM
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Sergio Gabriel Martínez is an Argentine professional boxer. He is the current Lineal, The Ring, and WBC middleweight champion.

Martinez was previously in the light-middleweight division, where he held the WBC light-middleweight title (Interim then elevated to full status champion), as well as the WBC Latino title. Also, he has competed in the welterweight division, where he held the WBO Latino title.

Martínez is currently rated as the number five pound for pound best boxer in the world by most sporting news and boxing websites, including Sports Illustrated, ESPN and Yahoo! Sports. He is rated as the no.4 pound for pound boxer in the world by The Ring.In 2010 he received The Ring and BWAA "Fighter of the Year" and The Ring "Knockout of the Year" awards, resp. In 2012 he received World Boxing Council "Boxer of the Year" award.Martinez holds notable victories over former world champions Kelly Pavlik, Paul Williams, Sergiy Dzinziruk and Julio César Chávez, Jr..

Martinez' stance against bullying has been well documented during his championship reign. Having been bullied as a child, it is something that Martinez holds very dear to his heart.

"I am delighted to continue my quest to speak out against bullying and hopefully I will be able to inspire those in attendance to realize that bullying is not something that should be tolerated or condoned," said Martinez.

The road to glory was never set out for Sergio Martinez. Born into poverty in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Martinez had to work extremely hard to get to where he is today.

His journey was not easy. Growing up in a very tough neighborhood combined with low self-confidence meant that Martinez was bullied as a kid, the main drive that he needed to become a great athlete. "These kids were very dangerous because they were armed and extremely abusive verbally, physically, and psychologically. They robbed my bike at gunpoint. It was terrible. That can be very hard on a 15 year old kid.

Martinez’s vision and desire would entail a rocky road filled with sacrifices and disappointments on the way. The lack of money drove him to leave school at 14 to work so he could contribute money towards his family. He realized that sports was a way out of his situation.

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Posted By: Uplifter | 3/24/14 11:27 AM
Having a gun pulled on you as a child must have been earth shattering but it shows you how tough he is to still keep truckn'!
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