"Dear Bully" letter
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Dear mom
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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3/18/14 7:48 PM
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Dear Mother,
I want you to know I remember everything. Every hurtful word you said. Every bruise you made was carefully noted by the nurses. I remember all the times you starved me and the times you hit me with a baseball bat and stabbed me. How could you do this to me. How could you get so drunk you couldn't remember that your child needed you and your love. I was just 6 when the state took me away. I use to cry for years knowing I would never have a mother or father. You ruined me. But yet I was foolish enough to come back at 12. I thought you changed. I thought things would be better. Instead I got taken away again at 14 with enough emotional scars to last a life time. I suffered for years with anorexia because I felt I should be better and prettier for you. I suffered for years with self harm because I didn't know how to handle my pain. I thought every thing was my fault. That I was the reason you drank. I thought I was so bad such an awful child that you had to beat me. But now I want you to know this. I am finally happy. I finally made it through my emotional pain. Remember that guy I meet when I was 13? The guy you where so jealous that I had that you did everything to ruin it for me. Not to mention that my trust issues where so bad that I couldn't even let him in my life after that. Well he came back for me. He never gave up on me and now at 21 years old I am finally happy because I found someone who truly loves me. Someone who would never abandon me and has never abandon me. I beat my anorexia. And now I no longer self harm from the hard work I have done and love from a good man and his family. Now I haven't seen you for years but I know what your doing or should I say lack of what your doing. You lost all your kids, emotionally and physically. None of them ever want to see you again. Including me. You will never hold my children you will not be at my wedding and you will live the rest of your life alone with only a bottle to comfort you. And all I want to say to you now is it is your own dam fault.
Goodbye Mother,
From the daughter you will never see again.

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