Bria Marie
Bullying Survivor
Female | Philadelphia, PA   United States
"Bullying hurts more than you know"
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Helpline
3/16/14 11:48 PM
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While most college seniors are focused on test taking, paper writing, and hoping they get hired… Artist BriaMarie is on a different kind of grind.

A student at Temple University in Philadelphia, the 21 year old, has spent more time in the studio and on stage than she has in the classroom this year, but she’ll still graduate with honors… and a career that is already making waves.

BriaMarie has more than a hundred thousand views on youtube, an album on i-tunes, she was just named the “face” of Essencia Cosmetics, she’s currently touring East Coast HBCU’s, and has also helped launch an anti-bullying campaign with her mentor and producer, Grammy Award-Winning Producer/Songwriter, Carvin Haggins.

And her music has a message.

The native of Columbia, Maryland is the first artist signed to Haggins’ label “Ethical Music.” Her songs are bangers, but more importantly, they are part of a movement to put more positive music on radio.

“I think it’s extremely important to make something to encourage and motivate young women. If my little sisters are going to sing along with something, I want them to feel good about themselves while doing it,”

In high school, I was the kid desperately trying to fit in with the cool crowd. I would let them walk over me because I wanted so badly for them to like me. To the young people encountering that situation, be the light that God made you to be, stay positive and be a friend. Although everyone else may not see it, being bullied hurts much more than you know.

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Posted By: N2all | 3/18/14 1:27 PM
Very strong for her age
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