Fariesha Khan
Bullying Survivor
Female | Vancouver, BC   Canada
Former student sues Vancouver elementary school teacher for bullying
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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3/14/14 12:33 AM
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A former student of a Vancouver elementary school is suing a teacher or teacher’s assistant who she alleges repeatedly intimidated and bullied her more than 20 years ago.

Fariesha Khan also claims that the defendant, who is referred to in the lawsuit only as Ms. Wong, hit her over the head with textbooks, repeatedly struck her with a wooden ruler and secluded her in a dark cloakroom as a form of punishment.

Khan, 33, says Ms. Wong, described as a teacher or teacher’s assistant at Laura Secord elementary, also struck her in the chest with pointed objects, called her derogatory names in the presence of classmates and threatened to kidnap her.

The lawsuit claims that Wong also pulled Khan’s hair and pulled her chair from underneath her, causing her to fall.

The incidents are alleged to have occurred from 1986 to 1994.

Due to the alleged abuse, Khan says she has suffered insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, lasting psychological and emotional trauma and loss of dignity and self-esteem.

She also claims she has suffered humiliation, embarrassment, mental distress, recurring nightmares and anxiety.

“As a result of the physical, verbal and emotional abuse, the plaintiff has and will continue to incur expenses, including, but not limited to, medication and psychiatric and/or psychological counselling and treatment,” says the suit.

Khan wants unspecified general, special, punitive and aggravated damages.

In addition to Wong, the board of school trustees of Vancouver is named as a defendant.

“The defendant school board is liable to the plaintiff for its failure to meet its duty of care by failing to put adequate safeguards in place to ensure that its employees would not assault, bully or threaten the plaintiff.”

Angela Rinaldis, Khan’s lawyer, explained that the lawsuit was filed now in part because the laws changed last year to allow suits involving alleged physical abuse to go beyond a two-year limitation.

She said at this point it’s unclear whether Wong was a teacher or a teacher’s assistant and what her full name is.

The lawsuit contains allegations that have not been proven in court. A response to the notice of claim has not been filed.

A spokesman for the board said there would be no comment because the matter is before the courts.


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